Shelf Life of Vials?

I have seen that this is a question that was asked a long time ago and I would like to know more experiences/opinions: What is the efficacy of a vial of test stored in a dry dark place at the 1, 2 and 5 years old mark? does anyone have some experiences with this topic? Regards mates :ok_hand:

My pharma grade stuff (scripted) has a label that says 2 years for reference. Its probably conservative.

What is the determining factor in shelf life? I have a feeling it is because the test starts to crystalize. If that is the case, you could put the vial in a half inch of boiling water and let the crystals break down.

Maybe that is not the reason?

thanks for replying man :muscle:

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From what I have learned, just because a vial crashes does not affect its properties, you just heat it a bit and ready to go. The thing is if the compound keeps degrading with time at what rate

I don’t have knowledge in this area. Pretty much everything will breakdown over time. What that rate of breakdown is tells us if we should worry about it. If it breaks down 50% in 5 years we should care, if it is 20 years, not so much. If the latter, then I am guessing crystallization is the issue, which can be solved by heating.