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Shelf Life of TRIBEX and Ye'Ol MD6


I was cleaning out a cupboard in the kitchen to store my gear and ran across some old bottles of TRIBEX and MD6 (about 2-3 of each still sealed) and 1 bottle each that was open.

Now this has been out of the light, moisture, etc.

Does anyone happen to know the shelf life on this stuff? I was thinking the sealed stuff might be alright, but the opened stuff I'd probably have to chuck...


This should be printed on the label next to the lot number.




That's odd.

Every Biotest product that I've purchased has had the lot number and expiration date on the label.


I will gladly take those bottles of MD6 off your hands if you want some extra cash. Just let me know.


Those that were sealed are likely still very effective. As you mentioned, I would probably toss the bottle which was already open.


Yeah just toss em' my way. I'll risk the ill effects.


ROFL, you guys crack me up...

Okay, I'll down the sealed stuff and chuck the opened stuff...


As for the expiry dates, nadda... They have lot numbers, but no expiry dates on them...