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Shelf Life of AAS Powder

Anyone know how long AAS powders can be stored before they start to degrade?

Powders are very cheap, and usually ordered in bulk. But if just kept for personal use it wouldn’t be much help to order say 200-500g of a compound if it’s going to expire before use. I’d imaging keeping it dry and cool would help, but if anyone has specific info let me know.


should be 2-3 years as long as its kept dark/dry and somewhat cool.
Once converted to oil, 6-12 months. Keep in airtight container and refrigerate after opening. Of course, oil type and powder type have some differences of shelf lifes.

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Thanks for the feedback guys.

Bushy: what preservatives can be added? I know many pharmacy-manufactured steroids have an expiration date of a couple years after production. Is this due to the sterile and air-tight nature of the packaging, or do they add something to the mix?


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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
I can’t remember off the top of my head, but I think that I recal grapeseed extract being mentioned.

On a related note, ethyl oleate is being used by some as a carrier now. I am going to try it myself. It has a lower viscosity than oil and should have a MUCH longer life as it will not biodegrade/oxidise. Also, it is reputed to be painless for even high concentrations of normally painful (think prop) gear.


EO is some expensive stuff, though. I thought about using it - but I am not independently wealthy…yet.

Wow. I just saw ethyl oleate listed at $3 per mL. That seems a bit high, and not worth it IMO.