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Shelby's Controlled Carb Bulking Numbers


I just crunched some numbers and I am at 180 lbs at 7% bw at 5'11. If i use the #'s from the article it tells me 270 g of protein, 100 g of fat, and 142 g of carbs = 2600 calories. Doesnt this # seem a bit low for total calories for bulking?



Not for a lean bulk. It takes time but you won't put on fat either. Pure muscle gain. It's a marathon, not a race


According to the carb cycling codex RMR calculations i need 2900 just ot maintain my weight, im getting conflicting information


those calculations are almost never accurate. the say i need 4000 cals to maintain my body weight but i am at 2000 right now and fat loss has STALLED


I think they WAY overestimate most of the time. Some calcs tell me I need 3k cals to maintain bodyweight as my BMR! I mean come on! That's ridiculous. I'm 185lbs and above 10% bf.


So should I start with Shelby's # the 2600 or go with the 3700 that the carb cycling codex is suggesting i use to gain wt?


shoot in the middle like 3000 give it 2 weeks and see if you are adding any weight. Make sure your lifts are increasing and you are not adding to much fat. If lifts arent increasing and/or bw isnt going up slightly add 250 cal more and wait 2 weeks. Rinse repeat until you find the cals that you need to gain at an acceptable rate.


Thanks Ryan I appreciate it. I know shelby and layne norton and others have mentioned the natrual trianee can gain ~ 8 lbs of muscle per yr. I am curious to konw how much "scale weight" that equates to since glycogen and water will be gained with it. Anyone know?


i think they mean the 8 lbs is an average maximum when everything else - diet, recovery, intensity - are near perfect


^^oh and also that's in regard to those not experiencing beginner-gains...


No problem. I used to try and calculate exactly what I needed from all of the articles but it really comes down to your own body and how it reacts. You can't take short cuts. It takes time, close observation and hard work. Don't limit yourself to thinking you can only gain 8lbs of muscle in a year. Just work as hard you can get your diet straight and let your body build muscle. If you build 5 or 20 lbs of muscle it doesn't matter as long as you gave 110%.


Everyone's different though. i've been training for over 10 years, done bulks before. Just did a 6 month bulk, went from 187 @ 10.5% to 231 @ 19.5%; that's 18.6 lbs of lbm. Granted I was eating over 5000 calories per day, but still.


Seems as tho that is a fair amount of fat gain though.. right?


It is, but with a judicious diet and training, he can cut without losing too much LBM. It will be easier to do so now that there is more metabolically active tissue.

Mark Rippetoe has some thoughts along these lines, here are his articles:



Oh yeah...I gained fat lol. There are pictures in my RMP thread. I'm not saying my results are typical or anything, in fact every other bulk I've done I gained about 10 lbs. of muscle, and 10 lbs. of fat. This one I just went balls to the wall.

I'm never worried about fat gain EVER when bulking. I find cutting easy, and like Orban said, I have more metabolically active tissue, and since the goal is to have as much muscle as possible at the end of the cut, I'd rather start that cut with a ton more muscle on me, even if it means having more fat. Between March 1 and June 1 I went from 231 to about 211...then the bruins went on their playoff run and I drank way too much beer and only lost 3 lbs. the next 3 weeks lol. But still...the point stands.