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Shelby Starnes Wins Light Heavyweight


Just wanted to congrat our very own shelby starnes on his light heavyweight win on the jr nationals...


I second that


I can't believe people found out the results since they weren't posted on T-Nation.

But Shelby looked great and his hard work has definatly paid off. If he reads this - do you think you will compete at a pro qualifier this year?


Awesome. He was looking really good going in. He certainly put the hardwork in and glad he got what he deserved.


Of the limited pics I saw this morning Shelby definately looked the part of a guy at the top of his weight class with conditioning...

going from welterweight to winning a light heavyweight show in 3-4 years....crazy


That's awesome! Congrats Shelby. : )


gongrats Shelby!


That is fantastic! Congrats Shelby!!


I haven't checked contest pics yet (slept in late today), but the guy always busts his ass, so definitely a big congrats to him!



Way to go Shelby!


whats a light heavy-weight?


Congrats Shelby!


Congrats Shelby!!! I've been looking for the results and contest pics all morning. Where did you guys find them?


I just tried looking for pics and results and couldn't find anything. I found out he won from elitefts on twitter.

Congrats Shelby!






Tremendous hamstrings and conditioning. Nice work, Shelby.


198 lbs and below, or, according to some on this site, "not big enough to even stand out".

Congrats, Shelby!