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Shelby Starnes Podcast!


Shelby's Podcast over at MD:


Enjoy it, you mofos.



Thanks alot! Shelby is a super smart guy.


ABOUT TIME!!! Thanks e.


thanks for that. liked the interview.

anyone pick up their DVDs of their lectures?


Just to let those know who don't already know,

Shelby has a Q&A here in the Article Discussion Section under "A Beginner's Guide to Carb Cycling"

He also has a Q&A over at MuscularDevelopment.com in the "MD staff and Pros" section.

He also has a Q&A over at elitefts.com. Just search a key word with his name.

You can get in touch with him over at TroponinNutrition.com to inquire about working with him directly.

Now you know. :wink:


going to give the DVD a go.

elusive, you have any idea what they charge for pre-contest coaching? I might have someone interested in it. Feel free to PM me if you want


PM sent.


Nice post elusive, great info to have access to.


I've bought the Troponin Nutrition Seminar at Powerhouse Gym and the Project SuperHeavyWeight DVD. The seminar is very good and informative. Lots of info, but honestly nothing thats going to shock you. Still a very good pick up. The SuperHeavyWeight DVD comes with a nutrition dvd also which is similar, but not as detailed. The actual training on the DVD is great, because Justin moves around some big weight.


I ordered the Powerhouse Gym DVD last night.

for $25 why not.


What do you guys think Shelby Starne's reasons are for eating his carbs strictly from whole food sources (rice, potatoes, etc)? He likes the simplicity of not switching his food sources, obviously. And he also consumes high GI, sugary stuff PWO. Do you think it's because of the overall benefits of micronutrients, minerals, and vitamins? He definitely knows a thing or two about getting absolutely SHREDDED when he's dieting.


Keeps him satiated. Whole foods will generally keep you feeling fuller, for longer. While dieting, I know he prefers whole foods for this reason.


how the hell does he eat 1500g carbs? even with some malto or WM, I'm sure he eats mostly whole foods.


Serious bloating!!! Especially if he's eating a ton of rice and potatoes.


I can make it happen. =)


I ordered one of their DVDs over a week ago, and nothing.


Which DVD and where from?


The Powerhouse nutrition one. I might have emailed the wrong address, as I just replied to the email with my order.

I sent them another one today from the "contact" section of their site.


No worries. Same thing happened to me. I ordered the seminar and project superheavyweight. It took a while to arrive and I emailed 2-3 times with no reply. It will eventually come.


was told if it's not here by Monday to give them a shout and they'll send out another and refund shipping. :slight_smile:

I'm just eager to get it