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Shelby Starnes Carb Cycling - Help with 2 Meals


So I'm trying to set up my diet based on Shelby's Carb Cycling approach, and am stuck on two meals for my "Low" day. Maybe you guys can throw out some suggestions on how to fill in the rest of my macros. I need 2 snacks (10:30 AM & 8:30 PM) with around 25g of Protein each and around 15g of healthy fat each. Flameout will take up like 5-6g of fat for this if I take 4 capsules. Here's what my "Low" day diet looks like so far:

Low Day:

8:00 AM Oatmeal (1 cup, 58 Carbs)
Metabolic Drive (2.5 scoops, 50 Protein)

10:30 AM 25 P, 15 Fat

1:00 PM Chicken (5.5 oz, 50 P)
Brown Rice (1 cup, 45 C)

3:30 PM Metabolic Drive (2.5 scoops, 50 P)

6:00 PM London Broil (6 g, 48 P)
Green Veggies

8:30 PM 25 P, 15 F

I'd rather not have to cook more meat, but if I have to then I will (more chicken, steak, salmon). Also can switch around some macros from other meals if I have to. Thanks for the tips if anyone has suggestions.


Just realized some eggwhites and maybe a yoke or two would go perfect for the 10:30 AM snack. Just need an 8:30 PM snack now.


8:30 pm - A protein shake (if you don't feel like cooking) or some meat and nuts (almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts)


macadamia nuts for fats and another protein shake is prob gonna be ur easiest option....add some low cal. almond breeze to the shake, pretty good stuff. Oh and ur dieting(Im assuming) bro its gonna get boring and repetitive, no matter how many different ways u find to cook chicken breats and lean beef.


How about buying his $14 ebook? If you did, or just read everythiing that is out there for free, you would determine that he would not approve of this meal plan.