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Sheiko's Powerlifting Program


In the article "Sheiko Shakes Up Powerlifting", the program discussed is suppose to improve bench press, squat, and deadlift. Anybody have experience on this program and have any opinions and advice to give to a person in his 2nd week into it??? Even though everybody is different, it's always somewhat informative to hear someone's experience when I'm about to go through the same program...I'm hoping for some big increases in my 3 lifts!!!
Thank You


I want to add that since this program requires a 1RM for each lift, I used this site to calculate my 1RM

http://www.timinvermont.com/fitness/orm.htm (it's at the bottom of the page)

I put in the weight and reps that are low in reps (3-5 range) to calculate/estimate my 1RM...I know this may seem like some bullshit b/c no calculator could predict a 1 RM, only you getting under the bar and lifting the damn thing, but I'm not exactly sure how to work up to my 1RM?!?! (If anyone can tell me or tell me a link/article that discusses it that would be awesome!)

I mention this b/c after using this site to get my 1rm, I applied it to the program and actually lied & increased my "calculated" 1RM by a little bit (ie - 1rm squat 280...lie and say 290), BUT i did not feel that sore at all as discussed in the article (probably b/c I've been in an upper/lower split w/ squats & deadlifts 2X per week)...and i know i know, soreness doesn't equal progress, but the program just sounded like it was suppose to kick my ass and it hasn't. I'm only 1 week into it, but all the subsequent weeks are pretty much the same volume.....SO, maybe my 1rm is higher? or not?

  1. "Search" function works,
  2. Most people starting Sheiko advise being conservative with 1RM if estimating; not using a calculator then adding an arbitrary 10lb (I presume you using lb not kg).
  3. what is your height/weight/training history/training age?


Yes, I added 10 LBS and not KGS (that would be an insane increase!!)...BUT, I don't feel any muscle soreness/fatigue from it nor any CNS fatigue (and I should never really feel CNS fatigue on this program b/c intensity/weight close to 1rm isn't being used often)

I'm 5ft 8in and 155lbs
I'm turning 20 and have been training since 16 (first 2-3 yrs I was not very educated in lifting and nutrition, but the previous ~2 yrs I've been learning a lot more)...I started squatting and deadlifting about last summer

So my "training age" is about 4 yrs and the first 2-3 yrs being basically a dim-wit

My 1RM based on the calculator are:
Bench Press - 240lbs (from 205x5)
Squat - 300 (from 245X5)
Deadlift - 400 (from 335X5)
So, I added 5+ lbs to bench and squat and 10+lbs to deadlift

P.S. - I am NOT a powerlifter (evident from the number I put up) and am not aspiring to be one
I just want to get the numbers up for the 3 lifts that can have a dramatic impact on my appearance and athletic performance



What Sheiko program are you running? The 13 week program in the article? If so, the first week is a conditioning week and you certainly shouldn't feel all that sore or fatigued from it.

The first 5 weeks of that program I found to be quite easy. I took very short rest periods between sets in order to increase the density.

The idea of Sheiko is you accumulate fatigue. It doesn't much matter if an individual training session is easy or a week is easy, what is important is how everything fits together. I would guess by week 8 you will be singing a slightly different tune but I could be wrong. Just because things are easy now doesn't necessarily mean you have a higher one rep max. And if your 1 rep max is a touch low just stay where you are and see how your first 13 weeks through go.

Hope things go well for you, best of luck.


Yes, I'm on the 13 week program in the article and the indisciplined little crap that I am I skipped the 1st conditioning week and went straight to the real week 1 (the week after conditioning week). I looked at the weeks to follow and I guess on paper it didn't seem like a big difference w/ the beginning weeks but it's a WHOLE DIFFERENT story when you actually go through with it...w/ the words of wisdom you responded with, I'll keep a more humble approach and base it on my real 1rm.

I'm looking foward to the challenging but doable weeks ahead of me as the weeks get harder and harder

just curious, how were the results for you mrodock????


I think this will be a good approach. Things WILL get tougher, but perhaps you have the work capacity to handle this program without any problem. If so, there are Sheiko designed programs that have much higher volume. I started doing Sheiko at least in part to figure out what my work capacity was so I could more easily design my programs. I will likely stick with a very Sheiko-like approach though. By the way, skipping the conditioning week isn't that big of a deal.

I compete in a week so I'll start to get an idea at that point. My best raw squat before Sheiko was 375 and I hit a pretty easy 405 a few weeks ago in the middle of a deadlift day (hey I got new squat shoes and had to try them out). I'm less sure of where my other lifts are currently.

Just stick to the program, focus on recovering between workouts and you'll probably have some pretty good strength gains.