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Just wondering if any of you guys know where I could find some more information on the sheiko routine. I've run searches, but most of it was either in russian, or about the sheiko himself.
Not looking to stray from my current routine, just looking for more information, and T-Nation has never let me down before.


The routines are here:


If you want additional information, your best bet is to do a Google groups search in misc.fitness.weights. In particular look for posts by Keith Hobman.


Thanks man, will do.

Do you have experiance with it?


No problem. Yes, I do have experience with it, and I love it. It's pretty high volume though, so it's not recommended to do it for more than 4 weeks at a time. I found that out the hard way. I need to alternate it with something with lower volume (I like CT's autoregulating program for that.)

One crucial fact I forgot to mention is that those workouts are meant to be split up into morning and evening. So when you see a lift repeated, that's when the evening workout starts. For example, when you see something like this:

1.Bench press 50% 5Х1,60% 4Х2,70% 3Х2,75% 3Х5.(34)
2.Squat 50% 5Х1,60% 5Х2,70% 5Х5.(40)
3.Bench press 50% 6Х1,60% 6Х2,65% 6Х4.(42)
4.Flat dumbbells ?flies?10Х5.
5.?Good mornings? (standing) 5Х5.

You'd do bench and squat in the morning, and then in the evening, the second bench workout, and everything listed after it.

You can also substitute similar exercises, for example I sometimes do stiff-legged deadlifts instead of good mornings.


how do you know it?


Sounds interesting.

I believe James Smith provided a link towards Sheiko's methology.

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I really like the Sheiko workouts a lot, and I find them to be much more usefull than the Westside model. As another poster noted, the volume is really high, and therefore, if you or your athlete is not on restoratives, then this program will have you grossly over-trained in a matter of 3 weeks or so.

If you are not taking any restoratives, my advice would be to not train twice in one day and rather add the second portion of day 1 for day two, take day 3 off, and then do the same for workout 2 split into day 4 and 5 and follow that up with 2 days off. The other method that seemed to have worked well was training only twice per week, but doing the entire workout all at one workout. My lifters with busy schedules seemed to like this approach, plus it allowed for a little GPP if the lifter felt recovered or felt the need to run sprints and agility exercises.


I am rounding out week three of the the 4-day a week Sheiko plan that Andrey Butenko has over on his site. Personally, I think the comments about overtraining on Sheiko-type plans to be largely untrue. I do each day's lifts in one session. I usually take about 2 hours to get done. I follow the reps and precentages in the plan and I follow the specific exercises somewhat, but I adjust it to add some variety. For example- on a day that calls for a round of benching, then squatting, then benching- I may cut the bar weight a little and add bands for the first set or I may do floor presses for the second set (here %s based off my floor 1RM- not my regular bench). Same thing on squats- I may cut bar weight alittle and ad bands or do box squats. I also add a lot of light rear shoulder work- rear lateral raises, cable pulls to the face, DB cleans- and occassionally heavy back movements like barbell rows and shrugs. I don't do anything special for recovery- no drugs or ART or contrast showers. I have been eating like ahorse since I went on this though. I do not feel overtrained at all. If anything- I am stronger in the the 70-80% range on my raw lifts and have more stamina than I had a month ago. My advice would be to base the paerceatges off of conservative 1RMs. I based all my percentages off of mostly raw numbers (belt and wraps allowed). I based my squat and bench percentages off of old gym lifts and I have had no trouble getting my reps in with these. However, I based my DL off of a PL meet lift.

This was probably a little too aggresive as I can pull 20-40 lbs more in meet than I can in a gym. So, I have had some difficulty getting all my 80% DL reps in. This seems like a good routine for someone who has a goo strength foundation and just wants to shake things up a little. The plan is very different to how I am accustomed to training. Before this- I almost never repped with heavier deadlifts and very seldom went over 3 reps on squats. Also, I haven't trained raw much for the previous 6 months or so- so this was a good plan for building up raw strength.