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Sheiko with Gear

I have completed a 4 week Sheiko cycle with good results, using only a belt. Now I want to start using gear to prep for my next contest. Since all the weights are based on maxes, do you use gear for all SQ/DL/BP? Or only put the gear on when it gets heavy?

I haven’t done it with gear myself, but here is a suggestion:

Only do the heaviest sets with gear. Do the rest raw, or with a belt. But calculate the numbers twice. For example if there is 6 lighter sets of squat before a heavy 5x3, then base the lighter stuff of your raw max. For the heavy 5x3 calculate that of your geared max. If there is two squat or bench sessions in the same workout, then do the second part raw.

Or you could just use the gear all the time, but that seems like it would take forever when there’s days with 10 sets of squat followed by 10+ sets of bench and then another 6 sets of squat at the end of the workout.

oh THAT kinda gear :wink:

I guess I should have specified with type lol. Yes that type - I lift IPF, so no other types :wink:

[quote]TheDrill wrote:
I guess I should have specified with type lol. Yes that type - I lift IPF, so no other types ;)[/quote]

I have never done Sheiko, but it is my understanding from Wade Hooper that when he is getting ready for a contest that he does the Heavy sets in his gear - starting with a loose fitting suit and progressing to a tight suit. The lighter stuff he does with just a belt and wraps or no gear at all. So the days that call for squats twice he would start off in his suit for the heavy stuff and do the second round in belt/wraps or nothing.

Hope this helps.

I think it depends on where you are and how beat up you are.

I used to squat through 60% w/ nothing. 70% I added briefs. 80%, I add a belt and wraps.

Recently, I’ve been wearing breifs the entires time so I don’t get as burnt out by the time I get to 80%.

It helps me more not to use a belt till 80%. My core gets stronger.

I would like to mention. I have a back injury that really bothers me and the briefs keep me from getting injured while letting me lift heavy all the time.

Bottom line for squat, don’t use any equipment till maybe 70%. It can be hard to throw on gear when you haven’t warmed up in it. Once you get used to your gear, it won’t matter and you can throw it on whenever you like. I’d say, briefs @ 70%, belt & the rest @ 80%.

Bench, I have no idea honestly. Always done sheiko raw. I would think you’d add the shirt when you actually need it. If you know how to use a bench shirt, this shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.

Deadlift, like squat, just add the gear as you need it. Anything below 70% really doesn’t require equipment. In my opinion, 70% is a good time to at least put on the suit so that you’re used to pulling in it when you start on your work sets.