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Sheiko/Westside Program?


This program looks very well thought out. Has anyone here tried it? How did it work for you?

I’ve done all the Sheiko programs and then I started hybriding them just like this guy. He has done nothing new. Just take the exercises you use from Westside such as a box squat with bands and apply the Sheiko percentages to it while basing it on your 1RM for that exercise or by compensating for the band resistance. You can do the same thing with floor presses, board presses, etc.

Sheiko is all about pushing yourself to the point of overtraining and then during the peak getting that rebound effect. I would suggest just from my experience that you design your own peaking program for the last four weeks.

Elite also has the 9 week CMS program listed that has a peaking program in it. What I like about what he did is he took the program and made it work for him. That’s what it’s all about man.

PM the writer of the program for info/advice: