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Sheiko + Westside: Is This Possible


I have a few questions about this.

My current sheiko routine is 3 days a week (no catch all day). Sheiko isn't know of its abundance of assistance work. I would like to work some in, but I'm not sure exactly how.

I usually lift in the afternoon (morning isn't possible due to work / school and the fact that sheiko takes 2+ hours to complete. I will be lifting Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Any way to add in extra workouts that Louie prescribes his lifters to do without over training?


Maybe there aren't extra workouts for a reason...

If you want though, experiment on yourself. Add in extra workouts, try it out, and let us know what goes on.


For what reason?


From reading your training log, it appears that you're really only doing about half the volume that is typically involved in Sheiko routines. Perhaps you would feel differently if you bumped up the volume.


Chase, I originally was doing the routine Wade Hooper did. Even he changed up some of the volume and dropped the 4th day. I've been experimenting for about 6th months and noticed more gains from dropping some major volume.

I'll be adding some more squats and things back in that were originally in the cycle.

I was curious to see if some of the things Louie outlines in his articles might help.

I don't really need a critique of my routine, just curious how some of you would apply extra workouts to a sheiko routine.

If I did up the volume to its original leveles, ChaseT, I would have a majorly hard time adding in volume. I just found I was more beat up with that much volume and decreasing it allowed me to recover much better.


Talk to Al Caslow (strongac) on fortified iron. He has a metal militia/westside/sheiko hybrid system set up.

I'll try and dig up the link he posted where he outlined it in an articel. It's up on his website.


Et voila www.sostrength.com/profile.html

I plan on running it 2/3x this summer....


Bench Press: A lot of weight

Squat: A lot of weight

Deadlift: A lot of weight

The master of westside throwin up an eastside gang sign: priceless.


New gym in Queens?


Thanks Hanley.

It seems like most people are trying to replace basic movements with box squats etc. I love the ideas, just not what I am doing, well, not completely. I am adding box squats, something I haven't done in a while, but its purpose will be clear.

I do have some ideas with the extra workouts...


From T-Nation's own Jack Reape



ME and high volume RE in the same week is tough. Your extra workouts need to be prehab and recovery focused like lighter sled dragging, hikes, high rep band GMs, pushdowns, and rear delts. To survive full blown sheiko you need to have very high GPP and/or on the sauce, so you need to take some time to build your work capacity. Two workouts in a day or the bench/squat/bench or squat/bench/squat workouts gradulaly increasing volume are the answer.