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Sheiko = Weight Loss?


Im on my 4th week of sheiko 29 training, and I am absolutley beat!! I've lost down from knockn on 180lbs door to 171 lbs!! I've been consuming around 6000 calories a day too. I also feel like my squats and deads are making good progress but my bench seems to be dying. I guess because its such high volume. Any advice or will I just adapt to it?

Thanks, Aaron


What's your food log look like?


More to the point what weight are you ??? 6000 calories ?!

Are you quite sure your intaking 6000 calories at 171lbs ? A mighty 85kgs ..... there should be no way you should be losing weight unless your consuming vast amount of stimulants to jack up your own metabalism.


171lbs. I usually eat 2 rlly large breakfast burritos with 4 eggs, 2-4 granola bars, can of beans/chili. THats just a little bit, I dont feel like naming the rest really. And Im not consuming any type of stimulants.. Also I do drink protein drinks usually twice a day.


If you are really eating that much, only weight 171 and are losing weight, it sounds like there could be medical issues or something.


Any other activities besides the weight training?


I lost weight when I did Sheiko a couple years back, of course I went into it right after doing Smolov-- so that probably didn't help any. My heart was ambitious, but the body was worn down, lesson learned.

None the less, I wasn't able to recover on Sheiko WHEN I did it. I have not given it fair shot since then however.


I recently had to swim a 500meter for lifeguarding, this probley doesnt help. Also I will go out in the back yard with my little brother and play soccer with him.


That wouldn't impact it THAT Much...

I weigh in @ 108kg's (Jesus I just converted that to 238 lb's ........ ye I'll stick with 108kg LOL)

And I don't even come next or near 6000 calories !

Can you write up what you ate today and what you will eat tonight....

As Duce said, if you REALLY are eating 6k I'd be looking at getting my thyroid checked !


Start a food log. you don't have to keep it forever. Probably a couple weeks or so. It'll give you insight such as how many cals you're consuming for sure, and where you can start adding more calories (like if you drink coffee, add lots of creamer, or start using higher fat ground beef, olive shots, fruit drinks and sodas, extra cheese on everything, peanut butter by the spoonful, etc).


Ok guys, thanks! I will do. My metabolism is extremely fast, but Im not sure if it's that fast. My chiropractor has a scale that measures body fat, bone density, ect.., and it calculates how many calories you need to Maintain weight, Mine was 4375 calories.


Is this a scale as in one that you step on? Or does he do say a DEXA scan?


This is one you step on and it has 2 handles you have to pull up and hold, its suppose to be pretty close he said, but idk.


Hey guys, i just put up the first eating log of the day today. Check it out and let me know what ya think.



Your chiropractors scale sounds like garbage, as does your nutrition. Need way more calories, a lot less crap. No way in hell you're getting close to 6000 calories. Maybe 3000.


Like I said, yesterday I was busy and didnt get to eat as much as what I normally would, But buy garbage, what part of my "diet" yesterday was so bad for getting calories?


For those that don't feel like clicking the link:

Breakfast: 4 scrambled eggs with cheese, apple juice,
Snacks: 2 granola bars, water
Lunch: 4 taco raps-meat,cheese,letuce-,gatoraid
Snacks: 10 tbls of peanut butter,gatoraid


Ye man I think your like VASTLY over estimating your food !

4 eggs with cheese is not a breakfast !

Go to www.fitday.com

Input what you ate.. as this guy said 3000 would be a much closer estimate !


Ugh damn servers. I didn't realize my post regarding what changes I would make weren't posted.

Things I'd scrap: Apple Juice, granola bars, taco wraps, gatorade (unless it's peri/post workout). Is the PB natural? Pizza.

Things I'd add: 1-2 lbs of beef a day minimum. EVOO to all your protein shakes, GOMAD if you need the calories. Rice/Sweet Potatoes/White Potatoes/Oatmeal for carb sources.

Like I said you're no where close to 6k and what calories you're eating are pretty much processed crap. If you're serious about chasing records, get your nutrition together so you can fully recover.


Personally that kind of training is a bit too much volume for me on the bench press. I don't think it would be bad to reduce the upper body volume. Also if you lose weight, you need to eat even more. Try oil, chocklate, ice-cream, peanut butter. Whatever it takes. :slight_smile: