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Sheiko Training Question

hey all,

i was reading over this:
and i was thinking about doing it for the next 3 months. however, i don’t really get how one is progressing in poundage handled in this program. for instance, i think the heaviest load used is 85% of my 1RM for bench press for 3 sets of 2, which equates to a little bit under 230 lbs for me.

However, I can bench press this weight 10x. the same problem happens for squats and deadlifts. is there something I am missing here? sorry if this is a stupid question, but this is boggling my mind.

I’m about to embark on Sheiko 29 starting on 4/6, and though you’re not doing as many reps in a given set, I think the overall volume is what gets you stronger. The amount of sets per workout is a bit intimidating.

Also, your strength curve seems a bit different. I know for myself, on bench for example (I won’t use squat or deadlift because I am pathetic with them), but I max at 275lbs, but I can only get 85% - which in my case is like 235 - six, seven times tops.

First, if you’re doing 230 10 times, I’m surprised your max isn’t closer to 300. Either that or you have a wealth of untapped potential as far as neurological efficiency is concerned. Also, after 16 sets of bench in a workout, I imagine you’ll be pretty fried. But then again, I’ll be finding out for myself in a week and a half.

hmm, so the volume is supposed to make it hard? the problem i have here is that, i feel that maybe i am not so fast twitch or whatever as the powerlifters i think? this program is designed for, so the 50% 60% and 70% would still be somewhat hard for people with a high percent of fast twitch muscle fibers; however, at the reps dictated and the % max dictated, those sets are pretty much the warmup sets i am performing on WS4SB currently.

to give you an idea of a current warmup, 10x bar, 5x135, 5x155, 3x185, 3x205, 3x225, 3x245, 3x265 (where i fail and get 2 and 1/2 on a good day), all with what id say is about 2 minutes rest in between, shorter in the beginning and longer once i hit the 225 area. if i were to perform sheiko, i would be doing (using a 270 max) 5x135, 4x165, 185x3, 185x3, then 205 3 sets of 5.

i would say with 1 minute rest in between the warmup sets to 205, after that, i could probably just do 205x15 straight up, give or take 1 depending on how many carbs i had over the weekend.

I guess what i am trying to get at is, is it alright to increase the % weight used on all the exercises in sheiko if they just seem too easy? or does the volume get to you after a couple of weeks?

i have not done this program yet, so i have no idea about how the volume affects you, but i am currently doing WS4SB the 4 days a week, plus a bunch of double days because i am just that bored haha.

one last question, is it ok to do like 200-300 pullups a 3 days a week in between the sheiko work out? i dont know why, but i just feel unsatisfied if i dont do pullups or rows during the week.

sorry for the trouble, and thanks in advance for replies.

You should look at Hanley’s “Sheiko - A Log” thread. Although, I’d only look in the first part of it because later on he switches routines - doing WS4SB at one point.

But still, if you’re doing 265 for 3 after doing all those sets, then I’d think your max would be at least 280. Have you done a single rep max test recently?

As far as your pullup question goes - I have the same thoughts. In my office we have a pullup bar and some dumbbells. I train at 7am before work, but since I work from 9am - 9pm, I often get bored and break the monotony with pullups and one arm rows in the afternoon. Any thoughts on that?