Sheiko Spreadsheet?

Hey guys

Im thinking about getting into the sheiko bench routine but i cant seem to find a good spreadsheet for it.

I found this one but it only has up to the preperation phase and i was also looking for the comp phase if there is one.

Anybody know where to get one and does anybody care to share there own experiences with sheiko routines.


Anyone got this in not exel? For some reason the computer I use has no exel.

just use open office 2.0 its free and can view excel stuff

Thank you for the reply but i have one question.

This workout is 4 days a week but i have seen one for 5 days a week before. What are the differences between the two aside from the obvious?

[quote]Roy wrote:
Anyone got this in not exel? For some reason the computer I use has no exel.[/quote]

I know of this one

I know this isn’t much help, but I did have a pre-contest, bench only routine, so I know that it exists…I just don’t know what happened to it. A while back, someone broke in to my truch and stole my training bag which contained many of my Sheiko workouts.

This isnt the spreadsheet but it is the explanation of it, I had a hard time finding it so I figure I would link to it here in case anyone else is looking for it:

I just did the first two weeks of it and my bench went up 20 lbs. I have been doing ME/conjugate style for a while, and it just doesnt work for me on bench. This Sheiko works pretty well, I think it was using the pause on every rep that helped me, and maybe the volume helps too. Its seems to easy when you are doing it though.