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Sheiko, Smolov, Wendler 531.


So here latley iv been checking out some of the other lifting programs. Im currently just finished my first cycle of wendler's. But im looking to do now either sheiko or smolov. I found this but Im un-a-ware of which one this is. Shieko would be my guess. and is this something worth doing?


THanks, Aaron



But if you only did one cycle than you didn't do 5-3-1. 5-3-1 is designed as a long term program.

That is a distinction you need to make when you are looking at programs a peaking program is different than a long term one.


trust the program, don't have training ADD. if you just finished 1 cycle you haven't really gone anywhere near were the program can take you if you stick with it for awhile. keep going until you stall out and do what wendler says to do when you stall then go till you stall again then see if you want to make some change in programing.

Sheiko is really difficult to do properly without a coach. you have to find the programs and be able to pick the right one for where you are at and put in a lot more time into training without being able to get a quick workout in when life gets in the way


I want whatever is going to give me the greatest results in a 60 day period. That is when my next competition is. I would like to shoot for 340 or 350. I may be switching programs to fast, Im new to powerlifting,so idk. I wasn't getting sore anymore from wenlder's so I figured it was time to change. Please correct me if im wrong,


If you are looking to peak for a meet, 5-3-1 is a pretty poor choice. But mostly you have to try things out for yourself. different people get different results.

For me doing a full meet, The DR. hatfield cycle is my favorite, but that's beyond your time frame.


It is not a full meet yet. We do Bench, Curl=Gay, and Deadlift. I talked to the guy over it, ( Donnie Robbins) and he said he is trying to get squat going so that we can have a full meet :slightly_smiling: Check out the site. Pureathleticpower.com WE have some pretty strong guys but I am unable to train with them because our schedules clash.


For a push pull meet, I wouldn't do smolov...


well then, what is a good choice then?


The major programs are around because a lot of people have had great success for a long time with them. It is really trial and error for you personally. I can't tell you what is best for you.


Alright, I guess I will continue on with my current plans.


What are they?




which sheiko?




I think 29 is the standard intro to sheiko program for people who haven't done it before.


Not trying to sound like an ass by the way.