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Sheiko Results

Having heard a lot about Sheiko on these boards lately, I decided to run a quick cycle myself. The program I used was sheiko #29 off of the elitefts website. My results:

Squat 405x1 (25lb PR)
Bench 315x failure (PR was 310 pre-sheiko)
Deadlift 475x1 (20lb PR)

The squat and the deadlift were both fairly smooth, I definetly had a couple more pounds in me. The bench I tried twice and got flattened twice. I was however lifting at a new gym, and absolutely could not get tight (everytime I tried to set my arch I would slide up the overly slippery bench).

I made minimal changes to the program. I exaggerated my bench press starting numbers by 5%, as I’d read that recommendation in multiple places. I also did two heavy walkouts (110%+) after my last sets of squats each workout, because the program never called for more than 85% and I wanted to feel heavy weights on my back.

I feel the walkouts were beneficial. I can’t comment on the exaggerating the bench press as I dont know if it was the program or the new bench that caused problems.

My diet was simple, eating a lot and eating mostly clean. Only supplements were whey and creatine. Weight stayed the same, fluctuating around 235.

My numbers are still pretty puny for my size, but I’m more than happy with 45 pounds on my total in 5 weeks.

Vids are in my profile if your interested.

it’s so weird, ive done shieko before and got great gainson my bench, but horrible on my squat and deadlift. anyways though, great job man! a 20 and 25lb pr in 5 weeks feels AWESOME!

did you split the workouts or do them all at once… thing i dont like about adding stuff first time you run a cycle of something is you don’t know if it works by itself :-p

I’m trying to plan my training for the next year or so I think I’m going to run 29 maybe 37 or I’ll just jump to the 9 week cycle, depends how I handle 29… It’s really not a lot of volume compared to what I’m used to so we’ll see.

I did them all at once.

The one thing I don’t understand about sheiko is why the set/rep scheme for the bench is so different from the lower body work. The progression scheme for the lower body stuff makes sense to me, but the bench seems to be almost random. One workout you add a rep or a set, but then the next workout you do 15 sets in a pyramid set-up. The next time I run sheiko Im going to change the bench workouts to simply mirror the squat workouts, and see what that does for me.

Did any of you run the contest prep block after with the volume cut down and the heavier lifts?