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Sheiko Questions

In these last 2-3 months i’ve managed to gain about 10lbs, yet i still feel shit weak. Since i’ve injured my wrist and cant hold a clean grip or overhead snatch grip but can do pretty much everything else, Oly lifting is out for a while, maybe even forever.

I want to get into powerlifting but my total is almost embarassing for my height and weight.

So I’ve looked into Sheiko and it seems it gets you stronger without needing to gain more weight, which is what im looking for. Using program #29 on the EFS website, I was going to train Thurs-Sat-Mon (bit weird but works for my schedule).

It seems like there are a fuck ton of working sets so ill be in the gym for 2-3 hours per session which isn’t a big deal for me (I’ve done oly lifting 3x weekly for a few months). But I still have a few questions:

My stats:
5’9.5 190-193lbs
BF: dunno, ab outlines are visible but far from ripped
Bench: 205 x 5
Squat: 315 ATG, 335x3 box squat
Deadlift: 400

for my weight and muscularity my numbers are pitiful. Is Sheiko right for me? I should be more like 255bench/385squat/455dead.

How much food does this program require? I work at a Bulk Barn all day full time lifting up to 40kg, eating around 4.5-6k calories per day. Would drinking something during the workouts benefit me?

The program has no direct back work other than deads. Will this be fine? i tend to go overboard on upper back work.

What kind of gains can i expect to make over say 16 weeks worth of sheiko programs?

Do I have to gain weight to get stronger at this point in time? i already feel like i have puffed wheat for muscle, I don’t want anymore bark, i need bite.

Should i wear my Oly shoes or just some chucks/flat soles? (100% raw).

Belt? already use chalk.

what numbers are a solid goal for me to reach and have a good starting base?

Also, i always wrap my left wrist, dont really need it but if it cocks back the injury with be aggrivated.

except I’m using an extra small elbow wrap.

I do not wrap my knees, and they are fine IF i do the following every time i train them:

quad/flexor stretch
IT roll
VMO adductor roll
glute activation
warmup on bike.

as you can see its hit or miss with the knees, should I invest in knee wraps and wrist wraps? I would especially need the wraps for lunges (have done 155x8 per side but the knees swell after).

crap one more thing.

could my wrist be affecting my bench max?

for example: I can bench 185x10, but not 225 for 1. I can press 115 for about 8 or 9 reps, yet 135 will not go up once.

My Tricep extension has gone from 85x10 to 100x10, but bench stayed the same. It seems that once i reach a certain wight, my brain wont let me lift it in fear of hurting my wrist. Bench has stayed the same for 6 months. thats fucking pitiful. squat went up 40lbs, dead went up 50lbs, bench - same.

You don’t sound like your muscles are as efficient as they should be at moving heavy weight. If you can do a lot of reps @ a high percentage near your max, you’re not efficient in powerlifting terms.

Sheiko is something you have to play around with. Do one 4 week cycle or two, maybe even three. See if there’s something you’re lagging and play around with the routine to include exercises to bring up problem spots.

You’re asking a lot of n00b questions, and by your post count, I have to ask, what are you doing on here? Get a Life section only?

If you need wrist wraps, wear them. I do. I have bad wrists, it helps, although don’t forget to do exercises for your wrists so they don’t atrophy. Belt of course, don’t even question this.

After doing sheiko for a year, my squat went from 440 in full gear (Metal suit, belt, wraps) to 551 (inzer champion suit bottom, belt, wraps), bench went from 260 to 308 raw, deadlift only went up 28 lbs, but that’s another story b/c I have a bad back. I only gained about 20 lbs or so, 170 to 190 I think. I’m also 5’9".

I think you need to do a lot more reading on the topic. It is fairly simple. You move something heavy and put it back, its not rocket science. Don’t complicate things as much. Sit back and really try to determine what your problems are and how sheiko can help you, and more so, why sheiko works.

Just go for it and see how your body responds to the work, there is a lot of work involved, but like Synthetic said, it’s not rocket science.

I didn’t find that I needed more food than usual, but for me the PWO has never been as crucial for good recovery.

I used my oly shoes for squats to start with, but find with a low bar squat the Chucks are almost better, and they are great for deads.
I’m in week 9 of a 12 week cycle and can say I’ve made some awesome gains in hamstring strength, which is a weak point for me. I do skills this week, so we’ll see what I can do for numbers.

The only thing I can say I dislike about the program I’m following is I haven’t worked over 85% in 8 weeks. I sometimes feel like those percentages are limiting.

I would personally say your numbers are a bit low for sheiko and you would get more out of an intro powerlifting program like ws4sbIII at this stage.

[quote]Cprimero wrote:
I would personally say your numbers are a bit low for sheiko and you would get more out of an intro powerlifting program like ws4sbIII at this stage.

I Disagree. My numbers where worse than his when i started sheiko, but I got great gains from it, and still do.

My recommendation is to run through the easiest sheiko program once, take a deload week and then test your maxes. If you get decent gains in all lifts, do another round, if it’s still working do another round etc. When this stops giving decent gains, it’s time to either switch to another sheiko program or try to change up your current program to suit your personal needs better.

alright thanks for the answers. Yeah I realize I asked a lot of noob questions, I was trying to cover absolutely everything