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Sheiko Questions (Tried Search)


I plan on starting Sheiko #29..

Before I ask, I follow a Texas Method approach to my training. My intensity days are 5/3/1 based rep schemes. I have also had experience with high volume squatting while doing Smolov.

On to the questions...

1) When Finished with #29, do I immediately test my maxes?
2) How do I know what program to go on to next? Ive seen people go on to 37, why not 30?
3) Conditioning/GPP...is Prowler/Sled Work allowed? If so, at what intensity?

Thank you. I look forward to your responses!


1) I would do 37, followed by 32 and then test.
2) I didn't do 30 because the volume is pretty high. 29, 37, 32 is a pretty standard first run through Sheiko.
3) I wouldn't do much of this and what you do, do at a low intensity. The volume on Sheiko is a lot to adjust to at first.


Thanks for the reply. Do I need to take a break between the cycle?

EDIT: I guess that makes bring up the question of how do you know which cycles to do and in the order you perform them in.


So run 29-27-32 for 12 weeks - no break just straight through. During this cycle you need to be making sure you eat well, sleep well, get in some active recovery if you can (IE 60-65% max heart rate for 30 minutes) and be sure and stretch/foam roll if you can. You can track your morning heart rate and make sure it's not going haywire. Use realistic maxes for sq/dl and you can probably up the BP max by 5% safely.

As to why to not run 30... I have run 30 and I would say it is roughly the equivalent as hard as running sheiko 29 mon,wed,fri and sheiko 37 Tues,thurs,sat all in 4 weeks...


Jeez that does sound rough.

Thanks for the advice. Warming up with ballistic and dynamic movements is a staple to my training. I noticed on smolov I definitely did A LOT more foam rolling. Now in my TM template I just do about 20-30 reps on the IT band and back, on Smolov I remember putting a good 20 minutes of foam rolling each day to alleviate lactic acid build up.

I recall people upping the % on bench so I will definitely look into that. I need to test a new Bench max likely today so I will add about 5-10 lbs to that for my calculations.

Thank you so much for the help, everyone!