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Sheiko Programming

Obviously the programs were relased but other than that is there any sort of way how one progresses into the other or what are the purposes are. Is there information out there that has this or is it pretty much make it up as you go also is there a like anywhere for the russian lifter classifications

I’ve not run sheiko but from reading what other people have posted, most beginners start out with #29, and the more experienced ones have said #29 has worked the best for their bench. I think a few people run 29-37-32, and they give a few days off or deload in between each cycle. Sorry if I can’t give more info, I haven’t ran any of it yet.

Here is a link that shows the sheiko workouts, Check out EliteFTS.

I have not run Sheiko, but have seen probably 1000 posts on it and it basically looks like this…

Sheiko 29->37->32 is the most generic cycle.

If people want to run a multi cycle followed by a peak…it’s usually…


Another thing I have constantly been seeing:

*** YOU MUST PAUSE ALL YOUR BENCHING, and will most likely need to add 5% to all of the benching weights; or ~10 pounds ***. If you do not pause and add the 5%/~10pounds to all the benching, you will experience slow or zero bench results( everybody seems to complain about this ).

Hopefully more people can chime in who actually have done it and can help you more; but the basic thing to take away: 29->37->32, run 37 several times if you want a longer cycle before peaking, pause ALL bench reps and add 5%/~10pounds to percentages for bench.


Did anybody else notice , that it seems like all the Sheiko #29/#37 programs were taken down!?!?

I went to a bunch of other sites besides EliteFTS that used to have the #29/#37 program too, and it said : THIS FILE IS ILLEGAL,ERROR IN DOWNLOAD LINK etc etc.

Did Sheiko #29 and #37 become illegal to become published or something? lol wth?? Anybody got links to #29,#37 or spreadsheets,etc .

(Note: 32 and the CMS,etc all open up fine? Super weird…)

Yep I have all of the spreadsheets

wanna upload 37 and 29 so people can save it on their comps in case they dont have? pahah

Go on that site.

It’s french but just click on the download link «cliquer ici». It’ll download an excel spreadsheet for sheiko.