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Sheiko Program


I am very excited to start my first Sheiko program. I am going to run #29/37/32 and have been doing a lot of research before starting. My question(s) for you are the following.

  1. I understand not to rewrite this program. My weakness is in my lats and i was wondering if i could do some back work and calf work and maybe some bicep work in this program and where it would be alright to do so.

  2. Should i adjust the weight in between each cycle or should i run the routine as is and peak at 32/ I understand many people at 6.25 pounds to their lifts when the sets seem easy and it has helped people with strength gains.

  3. Do i ever deload in between programs, or go to the next one until i finish the three then deload before running them again?

  4. Nutrition and warmup recommendations for the routine?

  1. A lot of people (as well as myself) who have run sheiko, add an extra day for pull-ups and rows etc. I would recommend doing it after the 3rd workout of the week on Saturday.
  2. Seems like you answered that yourself.
  3. No you don’t need to deload since you’re planning on running 32, it is somewhat of a deload, it causes you to peak for new maxes.
  4. GOMAD diet and I’d recommend dynamic upper/lower body drills before and after sessions.