Sheiko Notation Question

i know some of you have used sheiko programs with good success–i have a few ??'s regarding the program–found on joe skopsec’s(sp?) page - joeskopec Resources and Information.

  1. when it says 13 does that mean 1 set of 3 reps?

actuall i guess thats my only ?–thanks

also–when it says dl from boxes–is that standing on boxes or rack pulls?

The Sheiko program I’m on has the sets and reps backwards.

So I would take the 1x3 as in doing a single for 3 times.

And I when it has you deadlift off of boxes, I set the bar on cinder blocks and do em that way.

Check out EliteFTS, especially Eric Talmants log since he trains using that system and breaks it down. Here is a link:

Deadlift from boxes = rack pull

LIFT13 = 3 singles (3x1)

Also, if you’re doing the CMS cycle make sure you take care of your hips because if you don’t you’ll beat the hell out of your hips super fast.