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Sheiko Gold: AI Powerlifting Coaching App

Just saw this announcement/FAQ from Sheiko.

AI powerlifting has come up this year with the likes of Chad Wesley Smith benefiting from the big bucks of a subscription model: 28 bucks / lifter / month x a few thousand lifters. Sheiko is trying to take a piece of the market it seems.

Tbh there’s not too much information from the post. At least no specifics as to what one could expect. It’s significantly cheaper than exisiting AI programs ~ 60% off and promises a lot of the same things but in a Sheiko style.

I’ve had my doubts and heard and bad experiences with existing AI coaching from Garrett Blevins and CWS/Juggernaut but will this app be some Russian magic or just a cash grab for Sheiko?

I’m part of the Facebook group for the Beta testers, though I’m not testing it with it being IOS only. This looks pretty seriously legit.

I will 100% be trying it when it comes out for Android.

I stand corrected, IOS launched today. Wish I had an apple device now.

Give us the secret detes. Fuck the NDAs

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I do know it would have been out sooner but when it was last submitted to apple for approval it was rejected for the ‘interface not working’.

The apple employee testing the log-in has their log-in rejected, and on that basis rejected the app.

They tried to use ‘qwerty’ as an email address and didnt even type in a password. The fact that didnt let them access the app was the reason they rejected it.

Not exactly what I was after but lol

Ill be doing the android Beta, so Ill be able to give you dates when that starts, but youll already be on the live IOS so not sure what value that will be ha

I downloaded it and will start today.

You have to log your lifts for 30 days before it even attempts to train you. So, it’s going to be a while until I can see how it does.

Take the 30 day tracking period seriously, will directly influence the programs you get once you start.

Good luck. What programming are you feeding it

This seems like a little better approach as you’re at least giving it information to coach on.

The guy who designed the Sheiko app, Robert Frederick, is some sort of genius so I expect it to work better than the JTS thing for sure. It seems like at least 90% of people on the JTS AI program got little or no gains, the thing didn’t work and the volume was too much.

As for what sort of results people will get on this, it seems like some people do really well with lower intensity/higher volume submax training, but on the other hand a lot of people don’t get much out of it. People who have major technical issues, and focus on correcting them, would do well with this. The main thing is to aim for perfect technique on every rep and move it with maximal force.

As for what the post there says about using this as a hypertrophy program, that doesn’t really seem like the best way to go about things in my opinion. Sure you an get some muscle growth with submax work but it will be a lot of extra work for small reward since for a significant hypertrophic stimulus you need to push close to failure. Of course that isn’t Sheiko’s method, but that’s another story.

On the 30 day tracking, do you have to be running a known program that it recognizes? Or simply log your workout as usual into the app?

You have to log your workout in real time. I kind of hate it. I wanted to just enter my workout after. I don’t want to sit there on my phone more than I’m working out. I was surprised that I can’t enter the data afterward. Picking up my phone and entering stuff every set is bullshit. Also, it times your rest too. I found that to be extremely annoying. This is an app made for a total OCD freak. I dont think I can do it. It’s too much. Way too much, IMO. I don’t think I’m going to try it unless they simplify it.

Sounds like their target demographic is people who can’t stay off their phones at the gym.

The way you describe it, it doesn’t sound so great after all. The idea of an AI program doesn’t appeal to me at all anyway. I guess they figure that once they sort out how to make it actually effective then they can corner the market on PL coaching and undercut everyone’s prices. AI in general does not sound like a good prospect for humanity.

Yeah it’s really just huge excel spreadsheets. It’s supposed to have tons parameters that vary depending on data you give.

When I did JTS, it put my MRV about 6 sets per lift higher than I had it using their methods. This resulted in some major loses in deadlift and squat. Benching improved although I was having some nasty shoulder pain. I think it’s overkill.

The way they put it is that it’s not as good and personal training from a good coach but better than cookie cutter programming. In a way it is still cookie cutter. I looked at some programs for other ppl and it was nearly the exact same as what I received. Same accessory movements, same supplemental lifts and same volume protocols. I’d think it very unlikely if we were to put in information we should get such a similar program if it was that personalized.

Right now I’m doing less volume than ever and I’m making progress. Also I have more energy outside of the gym as well, since I’m not burnt out from doing a ton of sets. All this high volume stuff is overrated.


That’s pretty much what happens with a dedicated coach as well lol

Less volume on the big 3? What does your program look like?