Sheiko Cycle for a Beginner


I am currently doing Sheiko #37, into third week, and I really like it, in some obscure way. I am very new to strength training, however, and I fear Sheiko isnt for me anyway - that I am too weak. People much stronger than me struggle with it, but I have few problems keeping up with the program, so something tells me my lifts are way too low for this. Last test, I did, was SQ/BP/DL: 105/70/120 kilos - but I am running the program with higher weights, since this was a long time ago.

Its not like I take up too long pauses between lifts, so that shouldnt be the problem. Longest pause so far would probably three minutes this Friday, when I had almost no energy left for training, when I came from work.

I was thinking of a cycle between #29 and #37 continuously, since #32 seems too low volume for me. If I go through with this, I will test my 1RMs after the end of #37.

I really dont have any interest in muscle mass (Well, big legs wouldnt hurt…), mostly interested in increasing my strength gains, and I perform condition training (running, calisthenics and swimming) the days after strength training (Six days total then). I have only done some basic 5x5, and little else, before Sheiko. I started strength training a little over half a year ago. My technique is still improving much.