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Sheiko -- Constantly Upping Weights?

I’ve run one twelve week cycle of Sheiko before (29, 37, 32) and am now three weeks into the first four week block of a 16 week cycle to get ready for my next meet. I’m running 37 using maxes from the last meet I did at the end of November. The “problem” I’m having is that I feel like I’m constantly having good days and am able to up the weights by 5% (I’ve read that this is something Sheiko said was acceptable if one is having a good day). This has particularly been the case on the bench. Don’t get me wrong, this is a great problem to have. I’m wondering, however, if I should just bump my maxes up by 2.5% or 5%. Once I finish this last week of 37, I’m taking a week off for Christmas and then coming back with 37 again, 31 and then 32 to peak for my March meet.

Well first off, most people find that upping training max for bench is a good idea or just always upping the percentage by 5%. IE instead of 5x3 80% just do 5x3 85%.

As far as upping maxes, after every 4 week cycle I think there should be a mandatory increase in training maxes by 6.25 or 12.5 pounds (to increase 80% sets by 5 or 10).

Good points. I was thinking of bumping everything up by about 10 pounds for the next run of 37. I know most people seem to have issues with the bench on Sheiko, but my first run through I left the percentages on the bench largely alone and made some great progress. Now if only the same could be said for my pull…