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Sheiko Benching

I have had pec issues in the past, minor tears and scar tissue build up. I find benching 3 times a week just seems to be too much. I was thinking of benching twice a week mon and fri and wednesday would be maybe close grip or shoulder press along with doing back work. Have any of you had pec issues with sheiko? And also who else feels like they have razor blades in there quads, constantly have pain when squatting, guess I need to do more stretching and foam rolling.

Raw: Sq 600
B 420
DL 635
Bdwt: 200- compete at 198

I just restarted Sheiko 29 and I was thinking about the same thing. I have feeble shoulders and they hold my bench back. The OHP I was doing with 531 and before was a big help for my bench and there is something about pushing weight overhead that makes me happy.

I have the same problem. Not nearly your bench number, but benching 3x a week really strains my left pec. I’m going to experiment with close grip on the middle day as well.

Also, really hammer that upper back work, and get lots of stretching (and mobility) work in.

Yeah I have the same issue with my pec, I think i’ll alternate weeks and do shoulder press and close grip and just keep alternating and see what happens. The assistance work I do really need to get more in, I’m only on my 12th week ever being on sheiko and the workouts are still kicking my ass so its tough to get assistance work after the main workout. I’ll just start doing some stuff on my off days. Thanks for the replies guys.

I’ve never really had a problem. I get a good stretch with the pec flies that are within the problem as well as mashing the shit out of them with a lacrosse ball. Although I don’t OHP at all since I don’t like the position I puts my shoulder in even though I do it anyways. I can’t do it more than 2 weeks in a row or I have really be inflammation of my shoulders