Sheiko, bad Reviews for the Bench- Mix Programs?

I want to change my program, possibly into sheiko. I have heard Sheiko for bench is just not very good, but excellent for Squat/DL. Could I keep the squat/dl stuff, and use a different program for the bench? Any suggestions is welcome.

If you’ve never done Sheiko, just do it first and decide if it’s right for you or not.

Some higher class lifters have issues with it, but just because a guy with a pretty high total has issues doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you.

The problem I see is that too many lifters try to modify the program before ever trying it first to see what they actually need to modify.

You can go a long way with Sheiko as constituted, especially your first few times.

I had great gains on my bench, but it was absolute shit for my squat and dead. Go figure lol.

[quote]rasturai wrote:
I had great gains on my bench, but it was absolute shit for my squat and dead. Go figure lol.[/quote]

I find that hard to believe. But stranger things have happened.

A sheiko bench only program (when I had hurt my back) gave me the biggest gains I had ever had on the bench.

For what its worth, full blown sheiko programs, gave me the biggest gains on all my lifts. Not that its perfect…But I seem to respond well to lots of volume. Max efforts lifts seem to cause nagging injuries for me.

Sounds great redroast. How much weight did you gain off it?

I did Sheiko # 29 with a slightly increased Bench Max and increased Squat Max. After the month was over I had put 20lbs on my bench, 15 on my squat, and 10 on my deadlift. It was the fastest strength gain I can remember outside of starting out. The only down side is that my muscles got stronger so quickly but my tendons didn’t. I was ambitious when lifting, constantly adding weight when I probably shouldn’t have, and though I gained the strength, I developed tendinosis in my right quad tendon and some shoulder pain in my left shoulder.

My suggestion, you can adjust the bench max slightly, but don’t get overzealous. The gains will come fast.

What is this tendinosis talk??? First time I ever heard of this!

most interesting i must investigate this sheiko.

Honestly, what I got off of Sheiko was an improved work capacity, an improved ability to rep weights, and some cosmetic improvements. My actual 1 RM’s were about the same though- on bench and squat- my deadlift went down actually.

It was around 50 lbs in 2 cycles, and that was without a third peaking program after. Obviously I couldnt keep up that sort of progress.

I just did the Sheiko bench program as written (from Talmants site) except that I put 2boards in there instead of rack lockouts because again they aggravate my joints.

Oh yeah, watch out for the bicep tendonits/osis. I have pulled myself off the sheiko for the last month trying to get that to heal from all the squatting and benching. Shoulda backed off earlier.

Its weird, but I only find that I can make big gains from Sheiko in the summer when I am not stressed out from my job. I teach, and this program burns me out during the semester. It did it last year and again this year.