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Sheiko and Knee Wraps


Hey so I am in the middle of runnign sheiko 29 (can check my log as sheiko #29 log) but just got pair of convicts and wanna try em out.

Monday calls for 5x2 @ 80% so whats your view on maybe doing ~100% of raw max but chucking on a belt and knee wraps?

Thanks for you input!

PS #29 seems too easy.... Increase intensity y 5-10% or go to higher volume sheiko? (31 or 30 - 10 and 20% jumps in volume respectively) Current 1RM set to slightly conservative raw maxes


What week are you on? The first couple of weeks, Sheiko seems very easy since the volume and intensity are that high. It will get harder. If this is the first time you have fan it, Id encourage you to stick to the original layout. Its a proved program that has given decent results for a 4 week program. Once you go through it and want to run it again in the future, then change what you want.


Sheiko's lifters wore wraps from 70% and up


Hmmm crazy... does that mean I should be setting my max numbers at my max wrapped up? Then put on the wraps at 70%.... Hmmm I actually really like the sound of that... Probably would wait till 75 or even 80 to wrap up but still that sounds like a sweet plan. Thanks man