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Sheiko and Accessories


i was recommended, to give sheiko a go as i have hit a plato.
as i was looking through the plans i noticed a much higher volume than my current training, but a lot less accessory work.

should i add some more accessory move into the training program or just go it as it is?


The answer depends on what you want to be good at - squatting, benching, and deadlifting, or accessory work.


Run the program through without messing with it and see what happens. Seeing as how you are going from a Conjugate training style to Sheiko, there is going to be a substantial increase in the times the Main lifts are done, you will probably see results from just this.

On a side note, Mr Ottawa, hes referring to your recomendation from another thread, its fitting that you answered the question, lol


Ok, after running my first day of it today, I can see that from the sheer volume of the program any extra accessory work would just be too much. That was quite intense


the volume is essentially the accessory work. My first run through at one point my biceps and forearms were sore after a bench-centric day.