Sheiko + Additional Work

Hi T-folks.

I thought i’d like to try a sheiko program for the next cycle.
As far as i read templates, i didn’t see any Back work.

But i feel i could need some additional back work to keep a balance to all the benching it onvolves.

So when i pick the three day plan i could include some back work on the off days.

something like

LatPulldown 10 x 3
T/V-bar Row 4x6

Barbell Row 10x3
Seated Cable Row 4x6

  • a few sets of Face Pulls or reverse flys on the training days…

WHat’s your opinion on that?
Would that be okayy or just fire me into overtraining?
I guess not, i use lots of volume in my current template for 5 days, too.

Greets from a powerlifting newb.

I would not adjust the workout at all especially if you are a newbie. I know many people who have followed this workout to a “T” and done well. The volume is already quite high and I am not sure adding in the extra work would be of any benefit. Keep in mind you will be training your back with the deadlift and statically during squats and good mornings. This is a powerlifting program NOT a bodybuilding program.

If you want to follow a PL program that allows the addition of more specific back work, do a Coan-style big three split or follow the method that Dave Tate recommends in the Eight Keys article series.

Just my opinion,


I’m gonna agree, Sheiko is already an ass load of volume, don’t throw on any more till you know your body better and know how much volume it can handle. Unless of course you’ve been weight training for many years and already know, and even then I’d start with just the basic program first and then change as needed.

well, just to be different, I’m gonna disagree with the above 2 posts.

I did the 4 day sheiko cms routine and added a bunch of chins either at the start or at the end of each workout because of similar concerns about a lack of back work. Had I thought more I’d have probably done rows instead as they are on the same plane as benching… but I didn’t. Plus I can do chins at home or at work if I didn’t have time to do them at the gym. Just be careful not to get carried away with them, the programmes he does are very demanding…

I don’t know… Sheiko is a very high level coach and has a reason for prescribing the volume and %'s he does. A newbie should not deviate IMO. And definitely start with the beginner program, I believe the CMS program would be for someone whose total is at the CMS level, not the PL newbie.

Just my $0.02,