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Sheiko 3-Day Under 80kg. Not Enough Deadlift Work?

Having some concerns 2 weeks in about there not being enough Deadlift work to progress on the Sheiko 3 Day a Week Under 80kg program. There’s #37 #30 and #32 with the first two being like volume accumulation blocks and the last one being a peaking block. It’s one of the spreadsheets off lift vault . com ( one of the first ones that pop up when you search Sheiko spreadsheets)

I pull sumo with 1RM 220kg or 485lbs set a few months ago.

Currently the program is good for developing better technique with low rep sets and assistance movement targeted to improving technique and weak point (pause deadlift).

Top sets last week were 175 x 3 which is like 79-80% 1 RM.

While I’m only two weeks in I’ve looked at the spreadsheet for the next 2 and a bit months of the program and it looks like there is not enough Deadlift work in it.

In the past before starting this program I had been deadlifting twice a week with at least as much weekly DL volume and definitely higher average intensity than in the next few weeks of Sheiko. You can see if you have a look near the start of my log on here

The difference isn’t made up by work via variations or accessories either so like am I thinking about this wrong? I wanna stick to the program but I’m thinking about whether it’ll be effective or not.

How do I get stronger if I’m doing less work over time? It doesn’t really make sense to me or maybe I’m thinking about it wrong?

Maybe like with the peaking block there’ll be a small PR at the end of things because I didn’t peak properly last time but still.

What are your guys’ thoughts on this? What would you guys recommend I do?

Squatting will also help to build the deadlift. How does squat volume compare?

Same or like close give or take a bit. Would it be enough to make up for the deadlift work though?

Want Russian Program with more volume comrad?

ez do smolov except with deads

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If total lower body volume is the same or lower and intensity is lower then this doesn’t sound like a good plan unless you were having issues recovering previously, and I don’t believe you were. It would be better to do the 4 day program from Sheiko’s site or one of the programs from the cellphone app, on the app you can adjust volume as well, not sure if there is a 3 day program on there though.

There actually is a Smolov deadlift program, but it’s not insane at all, nothing like the squat program. I don’t think you could run both at the same time though.

Challenge accept

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Idk man I made great gains in everything while I was doing 37, 30, 32 …I have no idea if its any different because of the under 80kg thing. If I remember, When I was running either 30 or 32 I was in the gym for 2.5 to 3hrs because of the amount of volume in the program.

I think I read on the Sheiko forum somewhere that over 80 is the lower volume out of he two programs lol. Cos like fat/bigger guys can move more weight through bigger amplitudes and generate more fatigue or something

Pretty sure you are right about that. Can you train 4 days a week?

its ok you can just call me fat:(


4 big sessions… nah probably not

Hmm I like the Sheiko style and principles and stuff…

Would it be risky to like keep the framework like overall structure of the program the undulating periodisation for each lift, low number of reps/set and technique building, limited accessory work and such… but just add on a few working sets maybe up the intensity by 5% in some bits? I can get guidance from my gym buddies if that makes any difference.

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You’re doing this program because, presumably, Boris knows something you don’t. And by doing the program, you’ll learn what that is.

Do you have the guts to do what one of the best PL coaches in the world says is good. Or are you going to do what your 19 year old homies think is good?


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I feel you about sticking to the program and trusting the process and not program hopping but if Boris himself managed pig’s programming he’d take into account past training history e.g. coming from a background of high volume training. Coach Sheiko’s bestest program’s aren’t cookie cutter, written in stone or to be followed blindly even his personalized one on one stuff. It’s a fluid collaboration between athlete and coach.

The issue here is simple: not in how Sheiko has periodized, selected exercises and other defining traits of Sheiko programs but in the relative intensities and volumes prescribed that a very basic principle of strength training is being violated. Overload.

Doing less overall work/tonnage than before and expecting to get stronger is a big f u to the principle of overload.

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