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Sheiko 29


I was wondering if sheiko seems like a good program to rhn. I know its recommended for intermediate lifters so I dont know if its right for me. Current stats are:
17 yo
405 squat
255 bench
435 deadlift
If im not ready for sheiko are there other programs better you could recommend thanks.


you should be fine. Sheiko isn't that great if you only run one cycle then stop though. The programs you see like 29,30,37 etc were just random programs he wrote for an athlete at one specific time. So don't be afraid to change things like deficits to block pulls or something.


Alright thanks . Is there a better program to do because I dont really want to srart 531 because Its slower gains and im still young and can get faster gains


You don't understand how 5/3/1 works then.

e.g. My prescribed set last week on bench was 280 for 3 reps. I did it for 8 reps and then did 4 or so sets of progressively heavier singles followed by drop sets with around 250. This is all allowed and outlined in 5/3/1. Trust me you can get as strong as you are able. The actual 5/3/1 reps are there more as a base to build off of.

Also that's a very impressive squat for a 17 year old.


Sheiko shouldn't advance your #s any faster than 5/3/1, necessarily. If you were able to follow 5/3/1 for a year without missing a rep, you'd put 120lb each on your deadlift and squat. I don't foresee much more improvement over one year with Sheiko at your #s. Maybe your bench would get more improvement, it's hard to say without knowing you better.

I think a better question isn't which program will give you "faster gains" but which program best suits your goals. Are you or do you plan to be a competitive powerlifter? Or are you just trying to get stronger for other sports/the hell of it?

Sheiko is very sport specific, whereas 5/3/1 is more adaptable. Hell, even Westside is more sport adaptable than Sheiko. So, if you want to be a competitive powerlifter and that is your main goal, I would at least give Sheiko a try. If you are just trying to get stronger for its own sake, I would recommend 5/3/1 or any host of other S&C programs, as you will be able to adapt those more to your goals than Sheiko.

Just my 2 cents. Full disclosure: I've run 5/3/1 for over a year in the past, but have not tried Sheiko, although I have thoroughly researched it very recently.


Thanks for all the help. Imma take the advice and start up on 531.


You're number look good for your age, the 5/3/1 should be good, you might want to also consider the 8-6-3 as well. An article was written on it here yesterday I think.