Sheiko 29 Log

Hey guys,
So I have been lifting for about 3 years, and focusing on powerlifting for only about one year. I have decided to run a first sheiko routine and as such #29.

Currently ~178lb and 20yrs old.

Best lifts:
Sq - 375 raw, 390+belt, 420+wraps
Bench - 275 raw, 345+shirt
DL - 485, but have set it to my conventional max of 435

Will be starting tomorrow! Hoping to get 415 belted SQ, 295 raw bench and 485 conventional DL!

Hope you will follow me along and give some advice.

Planning on running MWF sessions in 2 parts - AM and PM. Will also be adding light sessions on tues, thurs, sat for active recovery and to hit some upper back , calves and bis (hahaha).

K so first workout today!
Did half of monday.
Will be writing like this (setsxreps):

Bench: 140x5, 165x4, 165x4, 195x3, 195x3, 205 5x3
Squat: 190 x5, 225 2x5, 265 5x5

The bench was remarkably easy and the squat was not too hard either. Looking forward to second half and worried about deadlifting on wednesday…

Congrats for getting started! I’ve been doing Sheiko since October, and I love it.
I bet you’ll do fine on deadlifts - Since Sheiko is based on volume, you should get through the sets pretty well.
It gets more intense though - sneaks up on you.
Good luck!

Ok second half of workout 1.1 about 3 hrs later:
Bench press: 140x5, 165x5, 195 4x4
DB flyes: 5x5 @ 30lb DB - keeping it light to stretch out the pecs
Good mornings - kept them reallly light cause they always make me hella sore so just - 135,140,145,150,155x5

PS: First half of todays workout wat ~50min, second half was ~40min. You think it’s best to continue splitting or just hammer through it all in one go?

Feeling good, bench session was again really easy. If the whole first week continues this easy I will prob add an extra 5-10lb to each bench press set. Also, was wondering for wednesdays sessions - 9 sets of inclines/dips - how hard to push? Should these be like pyramided up to a near failure set or whats your opinion? I was thinking that for incline for eg i would do like 165,175,185,195??? Or would you recommend doing more like 205,195,185,175? or just 180,180,180,180???

Also, for lunges do you guys go for DB or BB?

Thanks for the advice guys! I really appreciate it since I’ve never done anyhing like sheiko before.

Alright, so for tuesday did some light work:
Rear delt DB flyes: 20lb 3x13
Standing calves: 4x15
Preacher curls: 80lb 8x3
Decline crunches: 4x10
Lat pulldown: 3x12
Foam rolling legs and chest then ~20minute walk and stretching.

Does anyone actually do deadlifts just to knees? I feel like I might as well just lock it out…

K so workout 1.2 today:
Deadlift to knees - did first rep as full then last 2 just to knees as prescribed:
220x3, 260 2x3, 305 2x3, 325 4x3
Incline Bench press - easy sets 135,145,155,165 x6
Dips - easy sets of BW+25,30,35,40,45 x5
Deadlift from pins 1inch below knees - 240x4, 285x4, 325 2x4, 370 4x3
Crunch roller thing 4x10

Skipped the lunges for today because my ankle was acting up - I sprained it ~1month ago and it has been good… seems better now.

Hey so did a short pre-hab workout today. Just some rear delts, light upper back and a couple sets of planks, along with a lot of foam rolling and stretching. Feeling really good, deadlifts didnt seem to make me sore at all. Looking forward to fridays workout!

K so workout 1.3 today. Did in two parts:

Part 1:
Bench press -
215 - 2x3
230 - 2x2
215 - 2x3

Went up ~10lb for each set. Paused every rep and it still was not struggle… Coulda done top set prob with another 25lb i think. So happy with that… Plan to continue adding few pounds.

Also did 5x10 DB flyes @25lb and 5x6 side laterals @25lb.

Then came back couple hrs later for part 2:
Squats -
235 - 2x4
275 - 2x3
295 - 3x3
315x3 *Belted
285x3 (Prescribed weight was 281 so tried this weight and even on this fifth set came up reasonably fast)

Then instead of seated good mornings did them standing and very deep fot 5x5 @155lb. Then 4 sets of light decline crunches and 3x10 standing DB shoulder press @25lb for fun lol… Overall felt reallly good…

O on a sidenote - as I said I started monday at 20yrs old, 173lb (woops) and ~1yr powerlifting experience. Today I weighed 180… lol… Eating too much… haha… Anyways, probably part creatine and hydration.

I am feeling like #29 is almost too easy… Any views on jumping to 31 or even 30 (volume up ~10% to 31 and another 10% to 31)??? Or you think I should just keep adding a few lbs like todays work?

K so day 2.1 today. Started with the squats. Got new convict wraps so I decided to wrap up… Don’t like em as much as I had hoped but I did get a reasonably good set:

315,330x3 with belt and loose inzer wraps
365,375,385,405x2 with belt and convicts

Certainly could have hit a 425 double, but they were a bit painful on last set so called it quits. They are also a bitch to latch

Whew well 2nd half was pretty great.
Bench Press:
205 2x3
235 5x3
Chest flyes - 5x10 25lb
Pushups 5x10

Front squat: 185 2x3, 215 2x3, 235 4x2

Standing good morning 135 5x5

Well bumping up the bench by 5% 1RM (220-235) definitely made today a tougher session. Probably had only 1 left in the tank after last set. Looking forward to wednesday tho - finally gonna be using some chalk so it wont be such a damn forearm workout… lol