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Sheffield Under Water

Oh my word, only just got back into work today. I live in sheffield england in a ground floor apartment on the banks of the river don. the water level is normaly about 3.5m below the level of my garden, but not monday it wasn’t. I was aloud to leave work early cos of the weather, and even though i live 5mins away from work it took me 30mins to get home cos of all the roads that were unpassable.

most of the bridges were closed. when i got home i found the river water level a good 2-3m above its normal level and rising fast. so i walked to the ‘wicks’ builders merchants (which, thank god, is just across the only bridge still open) so there i was carrying sand bags back to my house on them trolly things along with a whole host of other people doing the same thing.

only problem was nobody could get their trolly up over the kerb, so i stood there deadlifting everyones trolly over the kerb, but having done all that, and sharing the sand bags i got with my neighbor they closed the bridge, and i was left with big holes in my sand bag wall.

so left with no other option me and my girlfriend sat tight and watched the water rising with no other option but to pray. the water level rose right up to the brink of my defences and then stoped.

Out on the streets at 9pm were people dressed in their suits with their shoes and socks off wading through the water trying to find a safe way home from work (poor bastards) forgot to warn them about all the hyperdermic needles that frequent my neck of the woods (oops)

Today the streets are thick with silt and none of the traffic lights work, all the little islands with trees that onced lived on the river are now gone, i saw everything float pased my house that night, trees fridge freezers, barrels of beer you name it i saw it.
the picture i’ve attached shows my terrace. the water level is up to the botom of my fence and shows just how close i came to flooding.

just pased the galvanized fence is another railing, that is the railing to the path behind my terrace. that path is a good 1m below my garden, and the normal river level is a good 2m below that. i must have been the closest person to the river who escaped dry.

here are a few more images showing my flood defences.

i know some of you people see these things all the time but in sheffield we don’t. i’ve heard of them in england but they are very uncomman. anyway this one was pictured over southyorkshire on monday night and really added to that ‘end of the world’ feeling.

sorry about the vid, it was on my cell phone and it wouldn’t let me send the whole thing so you only get a 2second clip, sorry.

I feel for you guys up there.

A lot of people have lost a lot of property and some poor souls have lost their lives - I believe it was 4 as of last night.

Look like a lucky escape for you Wukey, especially given how close you are to the river…

I know a lot of places in the world see this type of thing on a regular basis, but here we don’t and as a result the UK in general is pretty poorly prepared for it.

Good work on helping your neighbours with the sandbags, btw.