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Sheeple Peeve Me


Here's what peeves me about Sheeple... when you tell them you're taking supplements like protein powder, creatine and flax seeds... and they say, "I don't know, I wouldn't put that in my body, you don't know what would happen."

Meanwhile, I can clearly see that the 'supplements' they have been putting in their body, namely trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, and the like, are poisoning their bodies and giving them diabetes. They fail to see that I look down on microwave dinners with the same contempt as they have for protein powder, although my contempt is based on empirical data while theirs is based on lack of knowledge.


I know what you mean. I recently told someone I was taking 20 fish oil caps a day and I was given a frowning, concerned look "are you sure that's ok for you? I only take 2"


Take it as a compliment. A group of people you don't want to be associated with in the first place is doing virtually the opposite of what you are doing. As for proselytizing them, I guess you only stand a slim chance by showing corresponding results. Even then, you probably will get a knee jerk response referring to you taking protein powder, creatine and other roids. After all, we all know that everybody can get huge in a few weeks simply by sitting in front of the TV, eating Lucky Charms and taking illegal substances every once in a while...




Ack. Double post.

What I was going to say the first time is it reminded me of one of my co-workers who was nervous about her son getting into a workout regimen.

She was glad he was losing weight, but was afraid he'd start taking fat burners and creatine then end up in the hospital because of a bad reaction to the steriods in the fat burner/creatine.

I took a breath and tried to explain to her they didn't have any, but she cut me off and said she knew what she was talking about because of all the news reports of baseball and football players overdosing.


Jeebus!! People are so stupid.

I don't tolerate people saying stupid things like that in my presence. Of course, if you are close to the same age as her son, I can see how she wouldn't want to listen to you. Most people I know usually regard me as a smart person since I work with computers for a living, but the supplements discussion only comes up occasionally. When it does, I take issue with misconceptions that people have and I correct them.

I can't wait until someone says something as stupid as that kid's mom. I'll let her have it.


Ditto. A colleague had a bottle of fish oil caps in his hand when leaving work just a few days ago. I started a quick conversation about it and touched on a few of the major benefits. You know, I get EXCITED about this stuff. So I asked how many he was taking.

"One a day."

Oh man ... I told him that I just take them by the handful, which is 10-12 at a time.

"Really? Are you sure that's ok?"

It's frustrating for sure, but why do I let it bother me? I dunno, but keep on keeping on. If I can influence only one person, well, perhaps I need better influencing skills. :wink:



I'm with you guys on this. This is why I hide my stash of supplements and try not to mention it. People are so ignorant- yet positive they know all about nutrition and supplementation. Convince them? Nah. Screw em. Unless they show some potential... in which case I may let slip a few nuggets of knowledge to test the cognitive waters for some semblance of life.


I don't even argue the point anymore. I give out information to people that want it, and they usually come to me for the info.

Besides, it's nice having the separation between me and "them". Let them think what they want.

For every one alpha male or female, there is a hundred beta males and females.


A rumor was started about me taking steroids after a few people visited my house and saw my Grow! powder. Yup, I'm on the juice all right :slight_smile:


My dad is the first to look at me funny, ignore me, criticize, correct, etc., etc. He just had his first heart attack.

It doesn't help that the fish oil caps bottle recommends 1-2 per day either.


My old roommate (aptly nicknamed Weenie) started the same rumor about me for the same reason.

  1. everybody's sheeple in ways.

  2. what's wrong with microwave dinners?

  3. what's so hard about standing up for yourself? people who bug me about what i do enough to get me to care get promptly shown that they're wrong.



Because there isnt enough time in a day, and they're winning by sheer volume.


THis is something I've wondered about as well. You would think makers of fish oil would recommend the 3 grams epa/dha recommended by 'gurus', increasing consumption of their product.

This no doubt has some people skeptical of taking an amount that would actually have any benefit...


Not to mention how much more product they could sell.


Think about all of the media bombardment regarding soda, fast food and other junk. You almost can't blame the typcial person from being blinded. I think we need to feel sorry for them more than anything. Especially when they won't listen to reason.

The media is very powerful and plenty of advertising dollars can make us think whatever they want us to.


It's a good thing people like that can vote, huh?

I don't feel sorry for people like that. I just try to avoid conversation with them. After the first discussion of:

"What are you drinking, chocolate milk?"

"No, it's a protein shake."

"Are you sure that's good for you?"

it is time to break of all communications.


I think the worst from sheeple is when the conversation goes to regular food and they ask how much fat you eat,when I respond with somewhere between 150 and 250 grams a day(I'm on the Anabolic) they look at you as if your heart is going to explode at any moment.


That's when the hammer should hit the bullet and she should fall. Another idiot out of the way.