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Ok gents. By following Massive eating since late sept. i have gone from 185 to 200. Now i have also been doing westside training on top of that. My squat has incresed 25lbs to 420 and mt bench 15 to 330 in that time period. Since i have been doing westside, believe it or not the overall shape of my torso has changed dramatically. I developed a thick look rather quickly, most likly from a huge number of box squats, reverse hypers, and heavy ab work. Now, i am not looking to lose a ton of weight but i do want to loose a bit of fat. Spring break starts 8 weeks… i was thinking about doing another six week sesion of powerlifting, drop my cals about 100 from what they are currently, then the last two week cut up… now i am not looking to do fast fat or anything, but i was thinking about do t-dawg type thing. basicaly drop all carbs except for post workout. As for training goes, i will mostly just continue with powerlifting, but decrease my rest periods to almost nothing. Now the chances of me ever doing cardio are about slim and none. Anyone have any suggestions or input.

I’d bet att the end you are about 185 and maybe a tinny bit leaner then before all this bulking and cutting shit. I would also bet that you would have looked better if you had stayed at 185 maybe 190 and just busted your ass in the gym (IMO).