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Shedding Water Help!


I have considered competing in bodybuilding for a while and I've put myself through the precontest dieting twice. The first time I went from 215 to 195 pounds in about a month (a year ago). I didn't do any of the water shedding and I looked pretty good. I determined I needed to build some additional chest mass.

This year I have been dieting for almost 8 weeks and I went from 220 to 200 and I am working on losing 5 to 10 more pounds. I really want to achieve that chizzled back and mid section look.

What I am doing is putting myself through the process of getting ready for a competition to see if I can hack it and if it's something I really want to keep up. I am thinking that I will need to shed some water and I am not really sure how to accomplish this safely. What's the standard way of dehydrating yourself without passing out. I know I will need to stay away from sodium. Do I drink only a thimble full of water for three days straight:)?

What's the standard procedure for precontest water shedding?

  • Adam


It depends what type of diet you are following and what type of carbohydrate manipulation. One method is cutting carbs and drinking large amounts of water (like 4 litres plus) a day and then carbing back up approx three days or more before the contest, whilst reducing water intake. Using diuretics is an option, but potassium sparring ones.

Natural diuretics are Dandelion, Licorice and boldo. However there are several methods of losing water, carbing up, dialling in etc. There is a large thread on here pertaining to just this, you'd have to search for it, I read through it about a month ago.


Here ya go.



Damn that's an awesome article. Has anyone tried it?


That's the one yes.