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Shedding the Rest of the Fat


So I just wanted to run something by you guys. I've done Stronglifts 5x5 for the past 2 years. I lifted differently before that, making my total time lifting around 9 years. I hit my goal weight of 190 (I'm 5' 10').

I could just keep doing Stronglifts, but I really want to know if I should tweak my routine to help burn off the excess fat. I have a bit of a dilemma, I sit in an office chair 40 hours a week, and I believe it's really contributing to my spare tire. It's not a huge gut, but it's enough on my obliques and front abdominals to kill the look I'm trying to get. I never had this before sitting all day. My diet is very good, but I've even been working on that to get it near perfect. I also don't drink beer.


Be honest. If your diet was good, you wouldn't be asking this question.

Abs are made in the kitchen.

Your work out has nothing to do with your fat deposit.


Well like I mentioned, I didn't have a fat issue until I started a job where I sit all day. I do desire to make my diet near perfect. Should I just head over to the nutrition forums?

I wanted to ask about my program because I basically do 5 sets of 5 for Squats, Bench, Deadlifts, Overhead press, and Rows. I don't do these all in one day obviously :slight_smile:

I was wondering do I need to increase rep range and decrease weight or any of that? Or should I just continue the 5x5.


Could give something like this a try for a couple of months:



fix your diet, add some cardio.

Like, two HIIT sessions a week and one or two steady state.



Is "steady state" just a basic workout? The HIIT suggestion looks worth looking into. I'll check out the article link as well.


I've experienced similar problems over the years...probably mostly the beer, but I'm more than willing to keep the beer and work extra hard for it. The best nutrition plan I've found to be practical and doesn't kill strength/size gains is paleo with the addition of whole milk. Not the "gallon a day" plan, that's more of a power lifter's game, but as a replacement to protein shakes, which I've come to believe really don't do much (not looking to start a supplement debate, just my opinion).
As far as cardio goes, adding in intervals, hill sprints, and prowler work cut the fat quick. I personally love tabatta runs (4 min of 20 second sprint, 10 second walk)...followed by a slow cool down jog for 15 min or so.
Might not work for everyone, but I firmly believe the more it makes you want to die, the better its working.


This is such a simple thing man. Eat less calories. Right now if you are gaining weight you are eating more than your burning. The vast majority of cals burned during the day is your BMR. Use this fact. Dont worry about doing activities to lose weight. Focus on diet. Eat less calories/food. A good plan is to eat something like 2k calories. Start calorie counting and find a number where the weight starts to drop off 1-2lbs per week. Its SO SIMPLE MAN for the love of god do not over complicate it with cardio and blah blah. Keep ur workouts the same and just watch ur cals. SIMPLE, GUARANTEED to work.

EDIT: If 2k calories doesn't cut it then reduce it by more intill the weight comes off. The first reply you got in this thread was all you needed. Eat less food. Workout the same.


What Hallowed said^^^^, heck, what everyone basically said. Eat less by just a bit OR do more, like HIIT and SS.


Signed up at DailyBurn so I can track what I'm eating. Thanks fellas, time to fix myself.


It's perfectly possible to get shredded with an office job. But the diet needs to be dialed in. I guess that's not what you wanted to here, but you can have the most aggressive training plan in the world but you will never see the 6-pack if you're eating too much food. I'd fix that first. There are plenty of guys who maintain a shredded physique with just heavy barbell lifting 3-4 times a week.


Changing reps and weights will cause you to lose LBM.

If you're gaining adipose, it's because you have a surplus of nutrients.

Either adjust your diet, or add some cardio (HIT to speed up BMR or Steady State to burn a few extra cals).



Stu, wise words. I'm curious about what exactly you mean though. Are you saying that going with higher reps would allow for loss in LBM? It has always been my understanding that on a calorie restricted diet you want to keep the weight high to give your body a reason to hang onto it's muscle. I think that's what you were stating here as well, I just wanted to make sure I didn't misunderstand.