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Shedding Like Crazy

Hey guys, Im feeling a bit upset and hopeless here.

Im about to turn 29 in September and I recently started TRT. I started because my recent T levels came back at 229 on a scale of 240 to 1100. I figured it would be great to be in the 400-600 range or really anywhere above the min.

TRT schedule
100mg Test Cyp per wk (50 twice per wk)
250iu HCG per wk (125 twice per wk)
.5 Avodart per day

I have been on this for a month now. It feels great in the gym, pumps are amazing and I am already thickening up while at the same time feeling leaner. I believe I react well to this stuff in terms of muscle growth. So I am basically in love with the stuff in that aspect.

The upsetting part, Im finally getting to, is that I am shedding on top. With .5 Avodart I thought for sure this wouldnt be a problem. Ive heard it works even stronger than Propecia, which is probably why I am also experiencing ED issues. I am thinking this is just my destiny and I have to pick between feeling better with no hair or keeping the hair and dealing with low T.

I am prone to MPB as I do have a thin spot in the back at my crown. Thank god for microfibers, basically scalp makeup, no one can really tell. But I know staying on this treatment will speed the loss up to a point where I will no longer be able to hide it.

Any suggestions or experiences? Does the shedding eventually level out, slow down or stop? Should I just try HGC or Test alone? Any support or direction at all would be helpful. Thank you T brothers.

I’m not an expert in the whole balding area, but I’ve heard that synthetic testosterone just accelerates what will inevitably happen anyway. If you’re genetically headed toward baldness, taking T is just going to get you there faster. That is just what I’ve heard, and I don’t know whether it’s correct.

That aside: The standard hCG regiment is 250iu every other day. If your testicle(s) are fine with 125iu twice a week then there’s no need to change this, but I thought I’d just throw that out there. HCG alone is only good if you have secondary hypogonadism. If you’re primary then hCG alone probably won’t increase your T levels to a satisfactory level.

Have you had your E2 checked? I know that if your E2 is out of whack that that can cause erection issues. Are you on anastrozole or any E2 blocker? If not, you should probably get your levels checked and go from there.

^^^What ctastrophe said

Also, I hate to be callous here, but why not just take the Bic to your head? I have been rocking the shaved head look for a couple years now and kinda like it…people stay away from me in the gym at least.

Hi guys,

I really appreciate your time and response.

@ ctastrophe
I have heard the same about T just speeding up the inevitable. But I was hoping the small amount of T with the Advodart would have saved me. I guess not. What a drag for us prone.

Yes, I understand the standard HCG protocol is 250iu two to three times a week. I dont know what my thought was here, maybe just again trying to lower the hair sides as much as possible. The boys are still hanging in there. Thanks for explaining why HCG alone is not the best idea.

I did have my E2 checked before I started replacement. It was 18 on a scale <or =39, which looked very low to me. If I remember correctly isnt it suppose to be somewhere around 30? Now that Im on T, HCG and Avodart it is possible it has spiked. Although I have had no signs of breast tenderness, I could almost swear my nipples and chest fat look swollen up a slight bit. Is it possible to have breast growth without the tingle, itch, tenderness to hit first? or is my mind just playing tricks on me in the mirror? I guess the only real way to know is to get blood work. I do have Arimidex on hand by the way.

@ VTBalla34
Ha ha every day it seems Im getting closer and closer to that bic.

Overall I think I am slowing coming to terms with reality. But say I decide to go off and save the hair a little while longer. Would starting Nova two weeks from last injection be a sufficient PCT? 40/40/20/20 for the next month? Would be hoping to kick levels back to where they were.

Your best bet is to get your E2 under control BEFORE you get gyno. From what I’ve read you CAN have gyno with or without pain or itchiness, though the worse it gets the higher the chance of having pain and itchiness. I read a few posts from guys who do steroids who say that they get puffy nipples while on the juice and it goes away when they stop. They’re hyper-dosing T though, so they’re more likely to have side effects than your average TRT user and it’s likely they weren’t dosing the estrogen blocker correctly. (In fact one guy I read didn’t even know what estrogen blockers were, so it was easy to figure out what he was doing wrong.) Early-stage gyno is reversible by getting your estrogen in check, so even if you do have it, it’s likely no severe and it should go away without the need for surgery. I wouldn’t worry too much, just get your E2 checked.

I had low-ish E2 before starting TRT as well. I started getting hot-flashes, got my levels checked, and started anastrozole. The optimal E2 level varies from person to person, and if you ask 5 guys where they keep their E2 levels, you may get 5 different answers. The standard tends to be low-mid 20s to low 30s. Some guys do great over (or under) that range, but it’s a good starting point. Mine stays around 23. It’s best to go roughly by symptoms: If you start getting joint pain your E2 is too low - tender tits, hot flashes, etc., too high. ED can happen with high or low E2. Both hCG and Testosterone will raise E2 levels, so it’s good to keep tabs on it.

Since you seem to be happy with your current dose of hCG I wouldn’t change it.

To expand on why hCG alone won’t work: If you have Primary Hypogonadism then your testicles don’t produce enough testosterone. It’s not a matter of them not getting the right signals from the brain, or other things going wrong (thyroid, pituitary, etc.), but just that your testicles refuse to do their job. HCG mimics chemicals your brain produces that tell the testicles to produce testosterone. If they don’t produce decent levels in the first place, then adding a chemical to tell them to produce testosterone won’t make them produce any more than they do “naturally”. This is why you need to take synthetic T. You add the hCG to prevent the testicles from shutting down and hurting (or even receding!).

I don’t think taking some time off from TRT will help the hair situation much. As the Emperor said “It is your destiny”. I know it blows, but, as with everything in genetics, you’re stuck with what you got. Propecia and Avodart are designed to prevent the balding process, and if that isn’t working then you are either looking at: A) Shaving your head; or B) Hair replacement surgery. My best friend went through option B, so if you need some info let me know. Even after the surgery he still has to take propecia and use rogaine, but he doesn’t have to keep his hair long to hide the thinning any more.

I’d personally rather shave my head than go through another surgery, but I was a swimmer for years so I guess I’m used to the idea of taking a bic to the head.

Let me know how things go, or if there’s anything else on which you need clarification.

Damn, I write too much.

I forgot to add that “puffiness” can be water retention. Since you said your whole chest looks swollen (and not just around nipples) this could also be the case. This is also something that can be alleviated by getting your E2 in check.

In the end, gyno tends to look like gyno, and most guys who have to ask whether they have it, don’t.

Thanks Catastrophe,

The more you talk the more I learn. I appreciate the advise. Going to PM u.