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Sheddin the Fat Before Summer's Over

Hello all. I wanted to make a thread to track my V-Diet protocol progress and to share my thoughts and experience with others who are doing the V-Diet and similar diets.

The reason I keep calling it a V-Diet protocol is because I’ve changed a few things and will experiment with going off the main road. It’s not fair to call it a V-Diet and not follow it to a T. I’m sure I’ll get flamed for this, but rest assured, I don’t feel as if my changes to the diet will adversely effect the result. I’m not new to body transformation.

I’ve half assed a couple in the past with decent results, (my first 2 pictures shows an 8 week transformation using Lyle McDonald’s Ultimate Diet 2) but I’ve never maintained a lean figure which I intend to do after this diet. This will be the first time that I am taking such a radical approach with the whole ‘liquids only’ for 28 days.

I’m hoping this method will squash some long standing shitty eating habits that have ultimately held me back for the past few years.

The backbone of the diet is still there. I havn’t added in solid meals to compensate for a lack of will power or anything like that. However I have and will be changing the workouts slightly to better suit my needs (as most people do), and have changed the supplementation slightly.

This thread is not to bash Biotest or Chris Shugart. Chris’ diet has helped many people and he deserves many props for such a radical and well written diet. Biotest makes some awesome supplements that I have really enjoyed and will continue to use.

With that being said, I’m shooting for very good and fast visible results. One of the main reasons why I decided to tackle this type of diet is because of the fast results, and the supposed changed eating habits and appreciation for GOOD food.

As I write this, I’m beginning day 3, so I will be back-tracking slightly in my next post.

Well on June 8 I took the challenge up. I ate a shitty ass frozen pizza on the night of June 7th, woke up, felt like a peice of crap and started it up. I’ve done some serious relapsing since my last 'bout of seriousness. My “after 8 weeks” picture was back in January. There are several reasons for this that I won’t elaborate on. However, on only day 3, I feel vindicated to the point where I am feeling high levels of motivation and a readiness to change. Basically, I refuse to lose. Let’s go!

June 8th—

Took all my measurements, weight, pictures.

Height: 6’
Weight: 200lb

belly/love handle area: 36’’
upper leg: 24’’, 24.5’’
lower leg: 15.5’’, 15.25’’
ankle: 10’’,10’’
chest: 41’’
upper stomach: 34.5’’
shoulders: 44’’
upper arm: 14.75’’, 14.5’’
neck: somehow i forgot to measure this… damnit

June 8

12:30 (woke up kinda late)- 2 scoops Metabolic Drive banana cream, 2 cups black coffee. started mowing grass/ trimming in the hot 95 degree maryland sun.

3:40- 2 HOT-ROX, 1 scoop Metabolic Drive orange cream, 4 1200mg generic fish oil. alot of water, still mowing.

4:40- 1 scoop Metabolic Drive orange cream. 1 serving flaxseed. water and still mowing (big yard).

7:00- 2 scoops Metabolic Drive, half orange cream, half banana cream. 4 1200mg generic fish oil. finally done mowing.

9:30- 2 scoops Metabolic Drive, half orange cream, half banana cream. 2 1200mg generic fish oil. 2 orange triad multi vitamins.

12:30- 1.5 scoop ON Casein chocolate. 1 serving natural peanut butter. 1 serving flax.

2:15- 3 zma, 3 z-12

Today wasn’t too bad. Didn’t have my bcaa yet. Would have definately supp’ed them while working in the yard. Didn’t crave food that much, but I did find myself opening the refrigerator out of habit. Kinda weird. I didn’t go on a NEPA walk but I feel I burned MORE calories constantly moving in the yard for 4-5 hours. Orange cream is pretty good in my opinion. Banana cream has always been a favorite of mine.

I guess they moved my thread and renamed it because it isn’t the V-Diet done to a T. Fair enough.

June 9th

9:30- 2 HOT-ROX

10:00- 1 scoop Metabolic Drive banana cream,

11:00- 1 scoop Metabolic Drive orange cream, 2 generic fish oil

1:00- 2 scoops ON Casein vanilla, 2 cups black coffee, 4 generic fish oil, 1 serving flax

3:00- 3 Biotest bcaa, 2 HOT-ROX

5:00- 2 scoops Metabolic Drive banana cream, 2 flame out, 2 fiber choice

7:00- 4 Biotest bcaa

9:00- preworkout sipped on 1 scoop IDS waxy maise starch, 30mgs BCAA powder, 5 mg’s generic creatine monohydrate

Workout- continued to sip on this chalky mess.

Did a dynamic warm up consisting of some hip mobility and foam rolling.

rested 30 seconds between each set. 7 sets of 3 for each exercise if you’re having trouble following my sets.

A1- wide grip pull up, bw x 3, 7.5lb- 2 x 3, 5lb- 3 x 3, 7.5lb x 3

A2- trap bar deadlift, 280lb x 7 x 3

A3- weighted dip, 45lb- 5x3, 50lb x 3, 55lb x 3

B- side plank, right- 60s, left 55s. right- 30s, left 50s

10:15- postwork out, 1 scoop Grow!, 1 scoop Superfood mixed with whatever left of waxy maise/bcaa powder

11:30- 2 scoops Metabolic Drive banana cream, 1 flame out

2:40 pre bed- 1/2 scoop Metabolic Drive banana cream, 1 scoop ON casein chocolate, 1 serving peanut butter, 1 serving flaxseed

today was pretty easy. got hungry but whatever, part of cutting. finally got my BCAAs from Biotest which will definately help. i’m using waxy maise, bcaa powder, Grow! as an alternative to Surge. i also have a tub of Surge i will try using in a week or so.

the workout was pretty tough. the rest periods definately made it hard. i finally got a stop watch so my rest periods are no longer estimated.