She Wants to be Fat

[quote]Lordcliff wrote:

Or maybe she’ll run a successful fatty website and be self sufficient. I shouldn’t be so judgmental.[/quote]

Dude that’s what she does. Some sick fucks pay to watch her eat fast food. And yea it’s bullshit that we will have to pay for all her medical bills.

… LOL a black dude knocked her up…

Wow … people do make money off some wierd shit !

i mean men pay her to watch her eat on webcam…

and she gets enough money to support her massive eating…

i guees thats what the american dream is ?

I hate it when I see one of my boys with this kinda girl. The dude aint even all that bad lookin…c’mon bro, you better have a big fuckin life insurance on her ass. That’s the only thing that will stop me from taking your black card.

Anybody else think rescission of this womans insurance is justified here? She has publicly admitted to pursuing a very destructive goal. Just curious as the rescission thing has been on my mind since reading about an insurance company that set up its computers to target HIV infected patients for automatic fraud investigation.