She Wants to be Fat

This should stir up the T-Nation hornets nest pretty well…

ahhh…denial and self loathing


ahhh old topics…

[quote]polo77j wrote:
ahhh old topics…[/quote]



Time to cull the herd…

[quote]polo77j wrote:
ahhh old topics…[/quote]

Yep, same woman Nards posted about.

But it’s par for the course for the gal section

le sigh

Why is it black dudes always go for chubbers?

imagine the smells

[quote]Syalowicki wrote:
imagine the smells[/quote]

Mate throwing your dick up her would be like throwing a sausage into an airport.

And there’s people starving to death in the world right now… Fuckin unbelievable.

She needs to cut.

Fucking disgusting, vomit inducing excuse for a human being. I feel like hunting the cunt down and force feeding her to death, like they did in Seven. Horrible ugly bitch.

"Going down on the scale? No, that would take some HARD WORK and INTELLIGENCE.

Screw that.

Going up…yeah that sounds easy…yeah…mmmmcookiesssss!"

Wow a lot of haters, dont hate the bulk EMBRACE THE BULK!!!

This could actually be useful. The press will cover her diet, and it will be a list of foods NOT to eat.

Free will, let her bloat up.

Just don’t expect me to be happy about my tax dollars treating her medical problems.

Hope she dies quick, but she’ll linger for years on oxygen, 5 different hypertension meds, some anti-coagulant (maybe warfarin so she’ll need blood tests for dosing), anti-cholesterol. Probably gonna need some anxiolytics (alprazolam, lorazepam, clonazepam…etc) from that awesome can’t breath feeling. Throw in the occasional trip to the hospital to treat either pneumonia or UTI from being a fat fuck sitting around all day, and some other misc. medications, procedures, and entitlements we need to provide for her fat ass. Don’t worry, when she’s on a vent in the ICU, it’s only like $10,000 / day.

Isn’t America great?

Or maybe she’ll run a successful fatty website and be self sufficient. I shouldn’t be so judgmental.

[quote]nik133 wrote:
Wow a lot of haters, dont hate the bulk EMBRACE THE BULK!!![/quote]

yeah…with a fucking fork lift! LMAO

[quote]nik133 wrote:
Wow a lot of haters, dont hate the bulk EMBRACE THE BULK!!![/quote]

This post made my day. lol.