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She didn't cum. :-(

It was a guess, I’m not keeping track. My main point is she cummed everytime but twice, that’s all. I’m relaxed. Thanks & take care!

Thanks bud, I think. lol Anyhow, I usually do go down on most girls. The only thing is that some have too much of an alkaline taste, obviously having a pH above 7. When that happens I quickly go back up and don’t return. I do however, like to go down on most girls, well at least recently. The last girl I had sex with, I tried over and over to go down on. Every time I went down there she’d pull my head back up and shake her head “no”. The more she did it, the more I wanted to. Well, luckily I never did. The reason? When I went to the bathroom to clean up, my buddy had blood all around the base of him. Now if that isn’t a sweet girl, I don’t know what is. lol

I found out how to make your woman CUM every time…Let her
charge on your “Visa Platinum Card”…I made my woman reach
orgasm 37 times last month, and I have the receipts to prove it!

you are tooooooooo much into the whole bodybuilding/ nutrition thing if you worry about their ph level being above 7! :wink: peace ("mm mm mm just for the smell of it) hetyey225

Not the first time I’ve been accused of being too extreme. :slight_smile: On that same note, I’ve found that adding some methoxy in there really helps. Kidding. Maybe. :slight_smile:

Cy, any of these girls from the gym?? I need to find a young, single guy to vicariously have sex with some of the hotties in our gym since I am a poor, married bastard.

Jason, hey bud. Yes, actually I have one ready to go and another that I think I may be able to get in the sack. One is Rita, she’s 32 but looks awesome. Great body, cute face. I’m sure you know who she is. She always wears skimpy stuff. The other is a girl named Tiffany, she’s 21, and I have this little joke going with her. She told me I had huge arms one time so I jokingly told her that it was attributable to my teaching of aerobics. I told her I do it at my house and some of the time wear spandex. lol She asked what type of aerobics, “kick boxing, step, etc.” So I told her, “no it’s more along the lines of wrestling”.

She smiled and asked if this “aerobic session” is held with only women. I told her yes and that one woman at a time. She finally understood what I was getting at and told me she’ll have to think about it. lol
Oh and BTW everyone, Jason’s wife is a cutie! Super nice too. At least I think she is, as I’m too scared to say anything in fear of Jason hitting me with his long reach. He’s like 6’5 or 6’6" I think. Man, I’m going to feel retarded if she sees me in the gym now. Jason, don’t tell her I said that. Anyhow, you’re one lucky bastard. I’d kill to have a girl like your wife. Figuratively speaking of course. :slight_smile: Oh and the dark-skinned Italian girl at the front desk, Michelle, I’m working on that too. She’s been flirting with me for over a year now. Only problem is that she has had a boyfriend and a…damn what are those things called again…ah yes…a conscience for the majority of that time.

Michelle at the front desk is a little cutie…Would like to hear the details on that one if it comes through. What about the other front desk girls, they are all pretty cute?? Jill is the only name I know though. The blonde with short hair and the pierced belly is a hot body. I’ll have to see if I can figure out which one Rita is, the fact that she dresses skimpily speaks for most of the hotties in our gym.

No need to feel stupid for any comments…Don’t worry, she doesn’t read the site and I won’t tell her…We actually discussed trying to set you up with one of her two sisters.

Anyway, keep up the good work at the gym and feel free to share any conquest details with any of the hotties, or polaroids if you can get them to pose for them, yes, polaroids would be a good thing…

No such problem. I recently discovered how to make mine 18 inches long. I just fold it in half:)

Yeah, there are some cute girls at the front desk. I think Jill may like me but she gives off a bitchy attitude some of the time. Too hard to tell. The other, damn I forgot her name now but she’s blonde and just started a while ago. Anyhow, I hit on her the second day she started worked there. I walked up to the front desk and said, “Don’t I know your boyfriend?” She replied with “No, I doubt it” so I proceeded to ask why and she told me that he’s back in Florida where she just moved from. I smiled and told her that I was just trying to figure something out anyhow. Oh but Erica, who is a personal trainer there, told me that this girl sure doesn’t act like she has a boyfriend when she goes out, so I may try again.

As for Rita, I’m sure you’ll know if I point her out. True, most women wear skimpy stuff but she has dark almost olive skin and kind of looks slutty. lol
Oh and JASON, if your wife’s sister or sisters are attractive, in other words, look even remotely close to your wife, then HOOK ME UP bud! How old are they? Oh and I’ll be more than happy to share pics. I have some from a girl I dated in Cali but they are those tiny “stick em” polaroids. You can still make out everything though. lol My biggest problem right now is that every one of these women are in the gym around 6-7:30 so it’s hard to talk to all of them at the same time without getting caught. Ah well.

One sister is 23 and the other is 21. The 23 year old is to skinny and bitchy, not sure I would set her up with anyone I liked…The other sister is cool as hell though, very laid back, built like my wife, she is nursing school and is graduating next year. Only problem is that she has an off and on boyfriend she can’t seem to get rid of.

Well, I could at least have sex with the 23 year old and get her to be more laid back. No pun intended. lol The 21 year old sounds like a girl that I could be with for the long term. I bet I could get her to shake that boyfriend to the left. :slight_smile: Hook it up bud. I’ll handle the rest from there. Oh and a nursing student as well. Awesome. Now I can have someone else give me my IM inj. :slight_smile:

She is one of those who isn’t impressed with muscles, much like my wife. And also much like my wife is anti-steroid and even worse, anti-supplement. I’ll see what I can hook up though. How old are you again? 21 if I remember right. What are you majoring in?

As far as the 23 year old, I tell her she wouldn’t be such a bitch if she’d just get laid, so you have the right idea, but like I said, I wouldn’t waste my time on her…

I’ll see what I can do with the other sister though…

Cool. Actually I’m 20 but if you ask the girls at the gym, they’ll tell you I’m anywhere from 21-27, as I’ve lied so many times to them. lol Just tell her I’ll be at UNMC in the Fall. I’ll be in the Pharmacological Sciences Training Program. It’s basically where I get a feel for every science and discipline related to pharmacology as well as a deep knowledge of pharmacology. You also are taught various laboratory skills used in drug research. Although, I’m thinking of choosing toxicology as my research specialization. We’ll see.

Oh and Jason, I just found out that Rita is married. She said she thought I knew! lol Anyhow, she told me I’ll have to be her secret “friend” which I guess is fine by me. Anyhow, if you see that I was shot to death in the World Herald, you’ll know it was her husband. lol

Cy Willson or is that Sly Willson. I wonder how many girls at my old gym you fucked? You trying to wear out your wanger? Too hell with the training articles you should write “12 weeks of Getting Laid” By Cy Willson. :slight_smile:


Jason, I have to share this crazy info with you before I leave for Phoenix tomorrow. I’ll be gone until Sunday. I’m meeting a girl there. Anyhow, at the gym tonight, I ran in to Rita, the 32 year old chick. After about an hour of talking over by the women’s area we went over by the pool area, waiting for the water aerobics class to get over. After the people in the class left, she pulls me in there, we go around the corner to the right and she was all over me. lol She even started to give me head! She wanted to “meet” on Saturday but I told her I was going to Phoenix for a seminar. lol

I’ll share the rest of the details later. Anyhow, now I have this dilemma of whether or not to stay here and see Rita on Saturday or go to Phoenix tomorrow. I’d be wasting around 300 bucks on tickets but I’m locked up for ass either way. Hmmmm…Ah well. I think I can wait a week for her and the ass in Phoenix will due until then. Hold down the gym until I get back bud.

Keago, thanks for the props bud. Ya know, sometimes I wonder if sleeping around is worth it and I start to question if what I’m doing is right. Then I get a compliment like yours and the sun comes shining through. :slight_smile: I do it for you my friend, I do it all for you. :slight_smile: Oh and perhaps I’ll work on that article you suggested.

so what? you stupid whimp! who gives a shit? “My girlfriend didn t have an orgasm!!buuu…buuu…” you behave like chick.

my poor little innocent mind…forever traumatized…and by a guy four years my junior!!!