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She didn't cum. :-(

Was making beautiful love to my girlfriend tonight in the back of my Jeep. I cummed, & I tried my best to make her cum, but never did. I usually do make her cum. Should I feel like shit? Should I hide my face from her? She said it was GREAT & how much fun she had. I feel kinda bad about it. Should I?

Who cares! You got your nut off, the rest doesn’t matter … Oh, I’m just kidding. Actually, I’m more interested in what the girl feels than how I’m doing. Anyway, next time, if she lets you, just go down on her if she hasn’t cum yet, and that should get the job done. But don’t feel bad … for women, a lot of it is the emotional experience, so they don’t need to “close the deal” in order for it to be great. Get her next time bro!

I agree with GrowtH. Women don’t always have to orgasm to enjoy sex. If we don’t cum, that would gnaw at us all night and we’d never get any sleep, but not so for women.

Don’t sweat it bud. The second to last girl I dated told me out of the 13 guys she had sex with, she very rarely came when having sex with any of them. Every time we had sex, she’d go in the shower afterwards and masturbate. I guess she knew exactly how to make herself cum and we guys just couldn’t figure it out. Ah well, we still had a nice relationship. Then again I’m sure I could have made her cum if I had gone down on her but at that point my motto was, “If you can’t cook it, I won’t eat it.”

Thanks guys! I feel much better!

dude do not dwell on it ,it will only make shit worse.i know because i did ,and i just lost a very sexy girl i had been seeing on and off for 6 years.there were other things but that brought everything to a head.

Hmmm… not so sure about that! Women can feel disappointment when they get close to the edge but not further. Yes they still enjoy it, but there’s no finale… Don’t sweat it… it does happen (to men too). As long as your doing it for her enjoyment as well, no harm, no foul.

i will second that. my girlfriend still says it is very enjoyable even when she doesnt cum. it is totally different than guys. confusing shit though.

may of times my girl does not cum…But she does MOST of the time…Of course i would like to make her cum 100 % of the time, but that ain’t happening…

Go down on her next time until she cums. That’s what I do if I go too fast and my g-friend never complains. That probably feels better for them anyway.

let’s see. you couldn’t get a chick to o in the back of your rusty, dead deer smellin’ bucket of bolts. this bitch is as frigid as they come, or as they don’t cum i should say.

I am not saying a girl can not enjoy sex without orgasm but to the guys that say “she doesn’t have to orgasm for her to like it” come on, are you guys crazy? yea, me and mine can have sex and one or both can not cum and we can enjoy it but to REALY enjoy sex you gotta cum! they can say what they want but do you REALY think they LOVE it when they do not cum? get over the arogance and deal with reality, if she doesn’t cum you ARE NOT makeing her happy, I do not mean once and a while (which I think is what you are talking about) but if she doesn’t cum 99% of the time YOU are doing something wrong. peace

You should feel horrible, you are no man. I would leave her and let her find someone who can make her happy. Hint, it is not you.

Most girls can’t cum without clitoral stimulation. So, either go down on her or you can just rub it with your finger while you are getting it doggie style.

Would you guys relax??? It’s NOT that big of a deal! Everyone likes to orgasm…but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Normally I am multi, but occasionally I only have one, and sometimes it just doesn’t happen. If she says she had a good time then believe her! If you still feel guilty about it, start out by going down on her next time, and have sex after she’s cum once. Then you know you’re both satisfied. Quit keeping score and just have a good time!!! Benny - the more upset you get about this the more pressure you’re gonna feel and it will only make things worse. Relax big guy, you only need to worry if it happens a lot, but once and a while is just no biggie.

I just typed out a really long detailed response on the post where the guy’s girl had never cum. I don’t want to type it agian, but it might help you if you go read it. Don’t feel bad :), I rarely don’t climax, but it has happened.

Thanks Michelle. My girlfriend & I have made love around 75 times since meeting. She’s cummed everytime, I think only twice she hasn’t! She didn’t the other night & I was just a little worried. It was in the back of my Jeep & it was a little tight; couldn’t perform-move like I wanted too! Thanks for the anwsers that some of you have left. This T-mag forum is great! Thanx!

The worst thing you can do is pressure her about it. They female orgasm is linked just as much to emotion as it is to physical sensation. Sometimes, the harder you try to get her to orgasm the harder it is for her to reach it, especially if you’re getting frustrated, doing something too hard and asking, “Ya there yet, huh? Huh?”

Tips: 1) Keep the sex full of emotion, not mechanical. Breath hard, make noise if you feel like it, whisper things in her ear- tell her how you feel, kiss… whatever. Don’t ask her if she’s reached orgasm- it’s like watching the toast pop-up. (It won’t pop!)

2) Keep the foreplay long and sensual. Foot massages are a great way to start. Buy some oil impregnated lotion at one of those Bath and Body Works stores. Start at the feet and work your way up. Prolong the moment, tease her. Set the mood. Candles rule. 3) Start with oral sex- harder is not better. Then let her get on top with you slightly sitting up. Keep up the emotion and passion. Without being too obvious about it (because the moment she thinks you’re trying too hard she might feel pressured and it will kill the moment), gently push her hips down on you. 4) Watch for changes in her breathing pattern. This is usually the first sign of orgasm (and not all women are porn star screamers.) Once her breathing gets heavier, deeper or faster, don’t stop whatever it is your doing. Don’t speed up, don’t slow down, just keep it steady. If you’ve learned some control then allow yourself to orgasm if possible (sometimes hard for a man to orgasm in the woman on top sitting up position). If you can’t get a simultaneous “O”, then immediately flip her into a better position for you. If she’s not the multi-type, she could get very sensitive after her orgasm or “dry out”.

5)If you’d like to repeat the act in the future, then don’t flip over and turn on ESPN. Keep the emotions up. Think of it as foreplay for the next night/weekend/whenever.

Hope this helps.

Cy, I’m sure most women you date must refer to you as “Sigh” Wilson … you are doing them an injustice by not going down buddy! Enjoy nature’s fruit and do the right thing!!! The benefits are too many to list.

What’s so important about letting us know that you’ve had sex 75 times? Why is the number so important to you? You definitely need to relax and enjoy things. You are putting too much pressure on you and your girl. It’s not a numbers game, so stop keeping track bro.