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'She Could Kick My Ass'


I was talking with a colleague today who is into crossfit and got the inevitable "she could kick my ass" line when referring to a girl who trains at his crossfit daycare...err uhh, facility with him. Has anybody ever deciphered how this came to be a compliment amongst people with enough disposable income to enroll at an adult daycare that pampers to masochistic white people?


It's a rich white people thing; it's like the opposite of PIIHB.


I always get that. "Wow I bet you could kick my ass!"

I'm strong, not mean. Except when you say shit like that, and I have to kick your ass.


I sure she could kick all of our asses......at doing kipping pull-ups.




It's a backhanded representation which addresses the fragile ego of the dude who says "she could kick my ass."

It implies that the person who stated "she could kick my ass" has an ass that's worth being kicked, or that it would be some sort of insurmountable task, and he's fishing for the compliment from the reciever of that message of "naw dude, you're a brick shithouse!!!"

To which he can then reply "aww, thanks braheem!!" and then feel better about himself.

Thus making the whole conversation more about himself than about the third party superhero-ess.


it is just a figure of speech implying she is a beast of a woman.


Just want to say that every Crossfit thread that comes up, I'm the one who points this out.

If you check out the Crossfit thread a few up from this "I Wonder if Crossfitters..." you will see I said this.

If I were a woman I wouldn't think this would be a great compliment. Insinuating that we (me the woman and you the guy saying it) are actually going to get into a fist fight is weird enough, and then I'm going to defeat you at that. Just doesn't do what it was intended.


I prefer "She could sit on my face and fart in my mouth"


Coming from a "Crossfitter" who's not 160 soaking wet, I'd say this is more of an indication of the lack of masculinity of the guy saying it. Generally what goes through my head when I see an attractive young lady at Crossfit that knows how to throw some weight around is some combination of procreational activity and a desire to up my own game a bit, the usual motivational response I would think.

But yes, there are many scrawny douchebags who happen to do Crossfit that would get their lunches eaten by a capable 3rd grader, much less a good looking chick who can snatch her own bodyweight.

I realize however that I called myself a "Crossfitter", so a certain amount of flaming is in order... have at it.


Your a clone.




Didn't know there were so many psychologists on T-Nation.

It's a phrase. That's all.


How does that make you feel?




She could kick my ass, and most of the men on here.


^ if i had a reason to know her, i would kick my own ass.


i think a lot of girls are scared to train seriously because they have the sneaking suspicion that they could be a lot stronger and have more muscular development than a lot of guys they see working out in their gym. their notion of femininity requires that they be weaker and smaller so they steer clear of the weights or restrict themselves to the tiny dumbbells.

part of it is about 'what man will want me?' and not wanting to restrict their options, i guess. a little self confidence would probably go a long way.

i once saw a guy laugh at his girlfriend when she went to pick up the 5kg dumbbells 'that will be far too heavy for you - here, take these' as he handed her the 1kg. she took them and expressed admiration as he played with the 5kg. pathetic, i know, but girls are typically socialized to smooth the male ego rather than focusing on their own ability / achievement.

i think there is a significant change in mindset for women who decide that they do not care if they become stronger than the majority of those guys. their ego can take the dipshits calling them men and making penis jokes about them etc.

so a girl who trains to kick a guys ass and is proud of the fact that she can...

i think there is a lot to like about that. from guys who appreciate a women who can express genuine appreciation / admiration for their strength. from girls who can come to learn that they can be the strongest / fittest / most muscular them they can be - and be more beautifully feminine in virtue of that.


"I bet you could kick my ass."

I have heard this quite a few times, and still I never know how to react. I dont know if its a "thank you" situation as much of its a "Oh, I wont do that. Promise."

It make me feel like I look scary, which is not at all what I want.


I like both physically and mentally strong women; I find that I naturally have more respect for them. I am not into B&D or domestic violence, but I would gladly associate with women who could 'kick my ass'.