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Any supps or scrips that can drive down SHBG. My total T is good but Bio and Free are always borderline low secondary to elevated SHBG


SHBG typically follows E2 levels. Lowering E2 can lower SHBG.



check estrogen metabolites, cortisol, gh, progesterone, and also nutrient absorption, high fiber , low fat, low protein diets, malfunctioning liver.

Medicines such as thyroid t3, and estrogens (xeno estrogens) can raise shbg,
I have driven my shbg down into the ground and shbg is still high

Shbg is just a symptoms of the cause.
If last resort danazol 25 mgs ED or proviron 50 mgs daily works great as well.


Are you saying that danazol works great?
Lowers SHBG or increases libido or both?

Note to others, liver problems are not rare with danazol.

gman72, you are fragmenting your posts, this makes it difficult to respond with awareness of your situation.

There is nothing that you can take that directly moves SHBG.


The drug of choice would be proviron at 50 mgs a day. It actually has affinity at the receptor site so it impacts it greater then danazol does. It also acts as an AI which is a little weaker and more sparing then Adex. Danazol just inhibits the formation from the liver. Again I would seek to why shbg is elevated. T-3 meds, low gh levels, low dhea, starvation, malabsorption, NASH, inflammatory condition (liver or gut), low cortisol levels. Few patients are on danazol and they do report an increase erection ablity when all other factors are ruled out as mentioned above. Again every one is different..