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Since few months I’m on trt my tebg…shbg test sex binding protein go low
I was on 13…12… nmol/L and now 5.54…

Is it the TRT dosage ?
Maybe sarms ?
Or peptides igf1lr3 ?


You should be doing daily injections with SHBG that low. I’ve seen men get an increase in SHBG going from large infrequent doses to daily dosing.

Thyroid medicine increases SHBG, you should run a thyroid panel.

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My doc specialist juste give me 250mg 1ml for one month.
Its very few

After 10days of one injection i did bloowork

Strange no?

But i use some sarms or peptides too

Sarms in clinical trials have been shown to lower SHBG. Otherwise how is insulin sensitivity? Any adrenal or thyroid pathology? How’s liver function?

250mg 1x/mth is too low, some people do fine on very low doses (depending on individual sensitivity to hormone) but e4w protocal for test E/C will leave you in a hypogonadal state after say week 2.

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Thank to all for rapid answers.
I stopped sarms too.
All function are good.

I will recheck in 2 or 3 weeks

Its the SARMS. I saw somewhere that sarms can knock your SHBG into the dirt, like single digits low. I think IGF also lowers it. But SARMS for sure. On another thread a guy was complaining of something similar and he was using sarms.

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Very thank to all.
May 2 or 3 weeks is enought for level up ?
I will do one injection today for help.

Keto and IF will raise it. I don’t know how long though…

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