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SHBG Help . . .

I was just wondering what the most effective products are for inhibiting SHBG. My wife has been on birth control (Yasmin) for a few years and her libido is . . . GONE. From the research that I’ve done, it seems that a large part of the problem is with super-high SHBG levels tying up test. It seems to make sense to me that a two-phase solution should work wonders.

  1. Discontinue birth control
  2. Utilize nutrients that will inhibit or lower SHBG and “release” more testosterone
    Does it seem that I’m thinking in the right direction?
    I would really appreciate any feedback, advice, or opinions. Especially from you T-vixens out there!

Word to the wise…don’t go after a hormone that you do not fully know may be the problem, you could mess things up WAY more.

See a doctor about it.

One thing: a yohimbe product (standardized for 8mg yohimbine alkaloids) may work. My girl uses Twinlabs Yohimbe Fuel for the week and a half each month her sex drive dives. It increases her libido, increases the effects of her orgasm significantly (eg. crawls up the wall a few inches higher than normal) and gives her more energy. She is on the birth control pill.
Only side effect she notices and hates is the need to pee frequently.
Many people are not able to handle yohimbe products because they can be very strong. So test at low dosages for tolerance.

As a plus yohimbe has been shown to help women (and men) lose fat in stubborn areas.