SHBG And Injection Frequency Success

Curious if anyone with an SHBG near 25 nmol has Success with 2x a week injections and controlling e2.
If not, what injection frequency worked?

What are your labs like currently? Whats your current protocol?

You’ve been here a while, you should be pretty close to zeroed by now…

@anon10035199 thx. My thread is the one last updated 16 hours ago. I started this thread for ppls experience with their protocol with a certain shbg.

If you can take a look at my last few post, u can see the labs I just got. Thanks. Just tagged u in my thead .

My SHGB is 24 I inject M/W/F I have experimented and reached steady state with 100mg/wk 120/wk and 150/wk Only @ 100mg/wk did I not need an AI. Also with an SHGB of 24 my FT was over range on every protocol I’ve tried except 100mg/wk. Bummer is I don’t like how I feel with 100/wk. So I take my AI and I am a happy camper. I have not tried twice a week I don’t think that would be good for low SHGB guys. JMO

My SHBG is 19. I inject EOD. I was doing 2x /WK and once I switched to EOD I actually gained about 6 lbs lean mass. EOD seems much more effective for me.

Did your SHBG rise, at all, after going EOD? Also, did it help with lowering estradiol?

That’s my experience as well, more muscle mass injecting EOD with an SHBG of 18, twice weekly produces poor results.

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How does the EOD protocol breakdown? Odd and even days?

I definitely need less AI now. Im not sure as to the SHBG as I have not had that tested since I started.

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Dont over think it, just every other day. Pick a day and start. You can use google calendar to set a reminder for every 2 days. I take my AI the day after my shot, so EOD on that also.

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SHBG of 26, 200mg test enanthate every seven days.

If you inject EOD you are injecting every 48 hours which is consistent, there’s nothin odd or uneven about it. Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun/Tue/Thurs/Sat back to Mon.

I see your point but I’m stuck in the 7 day 100mg per week and EOD would be 4 shots one week 3 shots the next week so how do you calculate the volume for 100 per week if your shots are uneven from one week to the next… I guess you could calculate based on a 28 day month @ 100 mg a week being 400 mg per 28 days.

I guess that comes out to 28.57 mg EOD

I use 27 gauge insulin syringes which the more precise measurement marks, you need to realize if injecting EOD you are injecting once every 48 hours. Stop thinking in terms of weekly and start thinking of injecting every 48 hours. So if you inject smaller doses every 48 hours you will eventually reach a stable state.

Your body doesnt work in 7, or 14 day cycles. It really doesnt care as long as its consistent… I use a 28 day cycle to calculate my dosage. I take 175 Mg/Wk so thats 50Mg EOD