SHBG 110 - What to Expect at Endocrinologist Appointment?

Hi guys

Wondering if you can let me know what to expect from my first Endocrinologist appointment and what I should be asking.

A few details:

Age: 38
Height: 185cm - 6’0"
Weight: 76kg - 168lb
Live in Australia
Exercise: weights 3 times per week for last 6 months. Run 3 times per week.
Diet is pretty good, ample protein and vegetables, low in carbs but not super low like Atkins.
Not on any medication.

Symptoms: For a number of years: No morning wood, occasional erection without stimulation (during intimacy) but does not last more than 5-6 seconds unless continued stimulation, libido/want for sex remains normal, more irritable and quicker to anger than previously.

Last 6 months: occasional feelings of mild depression/sadness, lack of concentration and motivation, over thinking/analysing things, minimal/no vascularity despite low body fat and working out.

The doctor ordered some initial bloods and some of the results that I can see that are of relevance are:

Testosterone 24.5 nmol/L (10.0-28.0)
Calc Free Testo 214 pmol/L (170-670)
SHBG 110 nmol/L (17-56)

Some other results:

AST 30 U/L (10-40)
ALT 31 U/L (5-40)
Total Protein 77 g/L (66-83)
Albumin 44 g/L (36-47)

There are other results but they don’t seem to be the same tests of relevance that get discussed here.

The doctor has referred me to an Endocrinologist and the appointment is in a few weeks.

What questions should I be asking and what should I expect from this appointment?


Your liver values are a little high, Drinker? SHBG is made in the liver, so having a dysfunctional liver can cause high SHBG.I also have high SHBG, nothing like yours… 50-60, and it completely destroys my free testosterone. I have been experimenting with Nettle Root and Tongkat ali, but with little results so far, my main problem I think is my Benzo useage. I wont take it for a few days and my night erections and morning wood will return, only to be lost when I take a benzo.

As far as lowering my SHBG, I asked my endo, and he said there is nothing that he could do. Ive done tons of research on the topic, and it looks like there are a few steroids that do lower it. Cant remember the names right now.

On the other hand, I know for a fact that exemestane (aromasin) lowers SHBG and estrogen obviously. When I took aromasin, my SHBG lowered into the 30’s which is amazing for me! One problem though, exemestane turns into a powerful androgen, which causes hair loss. I also had nasty sides from it, but it made me horny as hell!

Keep updating, im very curious what they will tell you.